VIDA Launches Cloud-Based Case Viewer


VIDA Diagnostics has released a cloud-based case viewer, designed to enhance clinical trial imaging workflows. Users of the VIDA Intelligence Platform can now view clinical trial imaging cases directly in a web browser to review imaging and clinical data. This new capability will streamline quality-controlled data curation as cases and reader impressions are added to the digital biobank.

The case viewer will have an impact on several clinical trial imaging workflows, including:

  • Quality control: Members of a trial team will now have access to view the images collected, incorporating a visual quality control step into the workflow to ensure only high-quality data is added to the digital biobank.
  • Eligibility reads: Radiologists can view images and assess patients’ imaging data for clinical trial eligibility. Eligibility results are made available to trial team members in real-time within the trial imaging management platform.


VIDA Launches Cloud-Based Case Viewer to Improve Clinical Trial Imaging Workflows. (2023 May, 22). Vida Diagnostics.

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