Virtify Partners with Forte Research Systems to Optimize Regulatory Disclosure Compliance


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Virtify CTRR Integrates with OnCore Enterprise Research System

Virtify, Inc., a content and regulatory information solutions for the life sciences industry, and Forte Research Systems, Inc., a leading developer of specialized clinical trial management software, announced today the integration of Forte Research Systems’ OnCore® Enterprise Research system with Virtify CTRR® (Clinical Trial Registration & Results). The integration of the two systems will optimize the submission process of clinical trials into the National Institute of Health’s, ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements of the Food and Drug AdministrationAmendments Act (FDAAA).

Virtify CTRR streamlines and automates the increasingly stringent mandatory registration and clinical results disclosure obligations to the National Institute of Health and other registries. Virtify CTRR eliminates duplicate data entry and polls Forte’s OnCore hourly to ensure updated data between the two systems. Coupled with the benefits of the Virtify CTRR, OnCore becomes the most comprehensive solution available for seamless compliance with clinical trial disclosure requirements.

“Virtify is pleased to partner with Forte, the acknowledged and most respected leader in clinical research management solutions for academic medical centers,” said Dr. Satish Tadikonda, president and CEO of Virtify, Inc. “OnCore is a proven system that supports streamlined management of robust portfolios of clinical trials. The Forte partnership reflects Virtify’s continued commitment to the academic medical center market, which has included a recent 3.2 version of CTRR and several academic customer wins.”

“Forte’s partnerships are driven by our customers’ needs and interests,” said Brian Wulff, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships at Forte. “Virtify is addressing an emerging regulatory compliance issue that impacts our customers. Forte is pleased to be able to offer, in conjunction with Virtify, a market leader in regulatory information management, an integration that assists with the operational efficiency and compliance of our shared customers.”

The OnCore system is Forte's flagship product and is the result of over a decade of experience working closely with world-class research organizations. It is used by more than 50 academic medical centers, research hospitals, and cancer centers. In today's environment of growing trial complexity and regulatory oversight, the need for a centralized system has never been greater.

Learn more about the Virtify-Forte partnership at AACI Annual 2013, Washington, DC, Sept. 30-Oct.2, 2013.

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