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Princeton, NJ ‑WIRB-Copernicus Group introduces WCG SiteReady, a solution aimed at increasing the efficiency and profitability of clinical research for institutions and independent research sites. WCG’s newest offering helps researchers to optimize their performance, gain a competitive edge, and attract more opportunities for externally-funded clinical trials.

“At WCG, we understand the unique challenges that institutions and independent sites face,” said Donald A. Deieso, PhD, Executive Chairman and CEO of WCG. “The research ecosystem is changing rapidly; protocols are increasingly complex, research teams are stretched thin, and patients are more informed than ever. Biopharmaceutical companies are seeking investigators who can perform clinical studies at the highest level of efficiency and integrity. Conversely, leading investigative sites desire opportunities to participate in the exciting advances being developed by the industry. To succeed in this highly competitive landscape, investigators and site teams must continually position themselves for growth.”

WCG develops solutions that give all members of the research ecosystem greater visibility into and control over their research. Combining proven processes and techniques with robust technologies already successfully deployed in the market, WCG SiteReady is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that makes research more efficient, easier to manage, and more profitable for institutions and independent sites. WCG SiteReady reduces the administrative burden of regulatory compliance, streamlines contract and budget negotiation, accelerates study start-up, and increases patient enrollment in clinical trials. 

“Opportunities for growth in clinical research are significant,” said Jonathan Zung, PhD, WCG Executive Vice President. “Over the past two years, we helped the five largest institutions in our network to grow at annual rates exceeding 20%. Our clients achieved this growth by implementing efficiency measures while working to increase top-line revenue through new study acquisition. We have named this unique solution WCG SiteReady™.”

Although the comprehensive offering is new, members of WCG’s institutional and investigator site network have been using elements of the solution for several years and have achieved dramatic results, including: 20% reduction in operational cycle-times, 15% decrease in study costs, 30% improvement in ranking against peers, 40% reduction in clinical trial negotiating timelines, and 33% faster than average enrollment. 

Added Sean Walsh, MBA, ACHE, WCG’s President of Independent Sites, “For over 20 years, I have served as the Director of Clinical Research for a large independent site as well as an administrator for a large medical center. The vitality of our WCG sites-both academic and independent-is fundamental to the success of the clinical development industry. I am proud to offer our clients a comprehensive solution that is not only reliable and affordable, but powerful. I think the results will generate a good deal of excitement within the site community.”


About WCG (WIRB-Copernicus Group)WCG (WIRB-Copernicus Group) is the world's leading provider of solutions that measurably improve the quality and efficiency of clinical research. The industry's first clinical services organization (CSO), WCG enables biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, and investigators to accelerate the delivery of new treatments and therapies to patients, while maintaining the highest standards of human subject protections.


For more information, please visitwww.wcgclinical.com

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