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The WIRB-Copernicus Group’s (WCG) Clinical Services Division introduces Velos eResearch eXpress, a cloud-based solution that enables clinical research sites to centralize and manage their research activities on a single, automated technology platform. Velos eResearch eXpress provides the first Site CTMS designed for smaller institutions and independent sites which do not have access to the budget, resources and scale required to implement the costly, large, and complex systems provided by other CTMS providers. Developed by WCG Velos, Velos eResearch eXpress is a fully-scalable solution that supports the sustainable advancement and growth of independent and emerging clinical research sites by making the execution of their research operations more transparent and organized.

“A clinical research site’s ability to attract new studies is fundamental to its viability as a business,” said Donald A. Deieso, PhD, Executive Chairman and CEO of WCG. “Because biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) use data on past performance to evaluate which sites to select for participation in upcoming trials, sites must continuously perform a careful ‘two-step’: efficiently managing existing research while positioning themselves to attract additional research opportunities. WCG is proud to provide sites with affordable, accessible, turn-key solutions to help them master this complicated dance.”

“Many independent clinical research sites don’t track their operational metrics,” added Jill Johnston, President of WCG’s Study Planning and Site Optimization Division. “Either they’re not sure what to track, or they lack the capability to accurately capture the data. Without quality metrics to share with biopharmaceutical sponsors, sites can struggle to develop business, acquire new studies, and enroll patients. Velos eResearch eXpress helps sites to centralize the management and documentation of their trial-related activities and improve communication. It also gives them the ability to measure and track critical data, which they can use to attract more sponsor-funded research.”

Velos eResearch eXpress is a pre-configured version of the Velos eResearch solution. Velos eResearch eXpress hard-wires accuracy and compliance in research management. The solution also seeks to increase efficiency by consolidating all aspects of research management on a single automated platform: financial management, patient management, study management, calendaring, and reporting.

Due to its turn-key configuration and cloud-based hosting model, Velos eResearch eXpress is implemented in days, rather than months. And with its streamlined start-up and subscription-based pricing, it is a more cost-effective solution for sites looking for a quicker return on investment. However, it is fully scalable, with a multi-site, multi-department set-up that allows for unlimited growth as well as a path to transition to the more comprehensive, enterprise solution. 

“The scalability of our Velos eResearch eXpress solution is especially useful for smaller institutions that plan to one day initiate their own research, or for hospitals and health systems that are seeing research spread from one department or specialty to an entire hospital or system,” observed Jonathan Zung, PhD, Executive Vice President of WCG’s Site Division. “And with the formation of independent site networks, as well as the consolidation of health systems and physician practices, flexibility and versatility are critical features of any site-specific solution.”

In addition to being offered as a standalone technology platform, Velos eResearch eXpress is the cornerstone of WCG SiteReady, the company’s more expansive, end-to-end, fully-integrated solution. WCG SiteReady unites several of the company’s unique and powerful site-specific services, including research management, performance benchmarking, contract and budget development, site-based patient recruitment, and study acquisition. 

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