WCG Launches AIMS 4.1 Platform


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WCG ACI Clinical, the specialty provider of independent endpoint adjudication and data monitoring committees for clinical trials, has launched the latest iteration of its proprietary AIMS (Adjudication Information Management System) platform. AIMS 4.1 offers users of WCG's endpoint adjudication solutions an enhanced interface and workflow experience.

An Endpoint Adjudication Committee is an independent group of experts that reviews clinical trial data in order to give expert opinions about clinical safety or efficacy events of interest.

Custom-built to streamline the adjudication process, the AIMS web-based platform allows global medical experts to review pre-packaged clinical trial event data and provide their expert assessment, through a single interface.

Unlike other adjudication platforms, the AIMS platform was originally designed with a simple, efficient interface for medical expert users, and helps sponsors enhance trial integrity, reduce variation in important clinical trial events and, ultimately, mitigate risk and improve patient safety in clinical trials. 

"WCG ACI Clinical deeply understands expert committees and how to optimize their value in clinical programs. We understand each committee member's time is limited and valuable. That's why we designed AIMS to allow committee members to do what they do best: review global trial data, provide their expert assessments, and increase confidence in endpoint accuracy," explained Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MBA, MA, FACC, Chief Scientific Officer of WCG ACI Clinical.

Clients and committee members beta testing the newest version welcomed the enhancements:

  • "As a long-time participant in Endpoint Adjudication Committees (EACs) and a multi-year AIMS user, I am very excited to see the latest upgrades to the AIMS platform. The new enhancements not only make it easier for Members to review clinical data and vote but also significantly enhance the efficiency of these tasks both in the office and on the go." – Dr. James Januzzi, Hutter Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

  •  "I am very impressed by the enormous logistic data handling you manage in AIMS." – Sponsor 

  • "WCG ACI Clinical has been superb in the process, as usual. I think the process, the workflow, and WCG ACI Clinical's responsiveness are excellent. The AIMS system is one of the best I have used." – Member

"The latest upgrade is yet another step in WCG ACI Clinical's continuing quest to integrate scientific excellence, best practices and exceptional user experience," said Donald A. Deieso, PhD, Chairman and CEO of WCG. "By bringing together clinical expertise from its 700+ global expert community and adjudication expertise from over two decades of successful program support, WCG ACI Clinical's endpoint adjudication solutions are highly differentiated in the industry-the only model that combines specially trained adjudication staff, proprietary technology, and thoughtfully designed processes in one place."

WCG ACI Clinical's expert committee platform enables clinical development companies of all sizes to:

  • Mitigate safety signal risks, data quality risks, and regulatory perception risks to steer trials in the right direction

  • Assess risk with consistent characterizations of event findings

  • Bolster regulatory strategy prior to submission, speeding time, and lowering cost to market

  • Submit data and gain expanded labeling to drive increased adoption

  • Provide retrospective/prospective analyses for additional post-approval labeling

  • Receive optimized reimbursement
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