WCG Launches Neurostatus-eEDSS System


System incorporates Neurostatus Definitions booklet into the electronic data entry process to improve rater accuracy and consistency.

WCG has launched an enhanced digital version of the Neurostatus-Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) to capture clinical trial data. Collaborating with Neurostatus-UHB Ltd., a University Hospital Basel (UHB) subsidiary led by CEO Marcus D'Souza, M.D. and Chief Operating Officer Evy Fricker, the e-EDSS aims to improve data quality for an MS clinical trial endpoint.

While this new system is designed to enhance the rater's data entry experience, it was built to provide better data quality through the implementation of the Neurostatus proprietary scoring algorithms and edit checks, supporting the rater with real-time feedback on data inconsistencies. A web-based data review process has been incorporated into the new e-EDSS system to facilitate faster review and oversight of data quality.

D'Souza said in a press release, "Data entry is extremely fast and easy, given its almost identical replication of the paper form with which researchers are already very familiar. This system also uniquely incorporates the Neurostatus Definitions booklet into the electronic data entry process, and we cannot wait to quantify the direct impact this has on rater accuracy and consistency."

Reference: WCG Collaborates With Leading Multiple Sclerosis KOL to Launch Neurostatus-eEDSS System/PRNewswire

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