WorldCare Clinical Introduces New 24-Hour Turnaround Services for Imaging Safety Reviews


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WorldCare Clinical announced new rapid turnaround services for imaging safety reviews. The new service offering is designed to deliver safety assessments within 24 hours of receiving scans.

WCC is providing new rapid safety assessment services in response to the growing emphasis that regulatory agencies are placing on safety reviews. Through its affiliation with Proscan Reading Services (PRS), a provider of large-volume teleradiology services accredited by the American College of Radiology, WCC is offering an integrated reading service that provides comprehensive safety assessments within 24 hours of receiving scans, seven days a week and can deliver emergency reads even faster, if required. Using an in-house team of practicing, board-certified, sub specialty-trained radiologists, WCC assembles reading teams that have extensive experience relevant to the disease population being studied.

“Efficacy assessments in imaging studies are often facilitated by a batch review, which can result in extended delays in determining incidental safety findings,” said Richard Walovitch, PhD, president of WorldCare Clinical, LLC. “We understand the time-critical nature of these assessments and have developed this integrated reading service to address the need for prompt and accurate safety assessments.”

Using WCC’s proven WorldPRO image management platform, a comprehensive system that collects, anonymizes, integrates, and presents imaging data to multiple reviewers in a regulatory-compliant, efficient and effective manner, the new rapid turnaround safety assessment service includes the following key functions:
· An asynchronous upload ability that allows sites to queue up multiple images for electronic submission; files are transferred automatically for aquick turnaround, decreasing the time and cost of sending data by courier.
· Integration with a web-based viewer enabling radiologists to complete safety reviews anytime, anywhere.
· Automatic notifications sent immediately to the site upon completion of the safety review.

For more information about WCC’s full range of services, including its imaging safety review services, visit:

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