YPrime Release New eCOA Technology


Malvern, PA - YPrime announces the release of its data-driven electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) technology platform. Designed to capture endpoints from multiple modalities and streamline patient data collection in clinical trials, YPrime's eCOA technology supports sponsors, sites and patients while delivering consumer-friendly applications built on the best standards of user experience principles.

YPrime's eCOA solutions offer data capture in virtually any clinical research setting, with features that promote user convenience, compliance and data integrity:

  • Device management – Inventory is managed through a centralized web portal.

  • Device agnostic sync – All Information is shared across independent devices.

  • Automated DCF processing –  Missing and incorrect data are reduced or prevented with automated edit checks; which also speeds time to completion.

  • Mobile reporting – Sponsors can access reports and metrics anywhere through mobile devices.

  • Single sign on – Only one password is required for investigator site staff and sponsors to access data across multiple trials.

  • Ad-hoc analytics – Trend analyses can be performed on any data point.

  • Instrument library –  Sponsors have the ability to retain an instrument library for future studies.

  • Flexible technology – Device agnostic models allow for the potential use of sponsors' current device inventories.

"YPrime's approach to eCOA is a great example of our collective efforts to uncomplicate patient data collection," said Shawn Blackburn, CEO and co-founder. "This platform, which offers the most advanced features in the marketplace, provides the tools that make clinical endpoint collection quicker, easier and considerably less frustrating. Technology that focuses on the end user's experience, particularly for site and patients will have a landmark effect on the way we conduct clinical trials in the future."

About YPrime
YPrime offers more than a decade of focused work with eclinical systems to expedite and improve the quality of patient management, clinical supplies, drug accountability and clinical data. Cloud-based interactive response technology (IRT) and electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platforms enable greater speed, precision and integration in clinical trial management. Our data services tools help sponsors bring together fragmented clinical research data into contextual information they can act on. YPrime's technology and service offerings enable sponsors to move faster and more efficiently to their next development milestone.

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