Yunu Co-founders Discuss the Future of Improving the Clinical Trial Imaging Landscape


Jeff Sorenson and Gael Kuhn, Co-founders, Yunu, speak on what they think the future looks like when it comes to streamlining and improving the clinical trial imaging landscape.

ACT: Looking towards the future, what role do you see Yunu playing in further streamlining and improving the clinical trial imaging landscape, and how is your technology evolving to address emerging challenges?

Sorenson: Yunu uniquely provides a real time imaging data repository that's constantly being updated and enriched for its clients. We're driving both prospective and retrospective image analysis simultaneously.

Kuhn: Yunu already helps extract information from the imaging data of the assessment platform using both manual and automated measurements. We are now developing a data analytics platform that will allow investigators and trial sponsors to extract knowledge from this information. Real time access to live data and try wide analytics platforms will allow rapid testing of new InSilico hypothesis. Finally, Yunu has developed an algorithm platform allowing outside innovation to be integrated within the inflight clinical trial.

Sorenson: Yunu sees a future where imaging clinical trials are set up by the sponsor and other stakeholders, and they can invite others into the workflows. They can be in control system and everyone downstream who's using it. Pristine prospective data capture and accurate real time measurements from the field are top priorities in the near term, we have to make sure that we're capturing all of the pristine, prospective data in clinical trials. Once we start doing that, you can then have the inclusion of inflight radiomics. You can create things out of the data, improve your trial, and apply innovative biomarkers in the active clinical trials. So, the data can help create radiomics that then can help create additional data and improve these trials. This is ultimately how imaging can be brought more closely into tomorrow's precision medicine.

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