Yunu Co-Founders Talk Adapting to the Specific Needs of a Clinical Trial and Facilitating Reliable Imaging


Jeff Sorenson and Gael Kuhn, Co-founders, Yunu, discuss adapting to the specific needs and considerations of trials with cardiac, neuro, and pulmonary specialties.

ACT: How does your platform adapt to the specific needs and considerations of trials with cardiac, neuro, and pulmonary specialties compared to oncology trials?

Sorenson: The unit platform supports all formats of imaging data. The workflows are really the same, whether it's an oncology trial or a trial in another specialty area. So, we're not just specific to oncology. A cardiac trial, for example, can be set up that runs across any of the chosen sites that are already set up on the platform. For example, you can set up additional cardiac specific sites in cardiology practices. Each trial is configured on our platform independently. So, it doesn't matter that those sites are using our platform for oncology clinical trials, you can separately and independently use our platform simultaneously for cardiology, or pulmonology, or gastroenterology trials. When you look at the requirements for that, the things that they need to do is collect data, QC the data, take the measurements, have a physician sign off, and send the data to the study staff and to downstream systems, all of which are supported in our platform today. We're always adding new capabilities to support new modalities, different volumetric use cases, and allow sponsors more control and more visibility over their imaging trials across the entire range of work that they perform in their clinical trials operations.

ACT: Decentralized clinical trials are increasingly important, but imaging can be a major hurdle. How does Yunu facilitate efficient and reliable imaging within a decentralized trial setting?

Kuhn: Yunu is a collaborative ecosystem where the patient scan can be captured in any location. The treating physician being in one place, the treating oncologist in another, and the reading radiologist in yet another with everything synchronized in a single workflow. Also, communication is especially important within decentralized workflow. Yunu provides closed loop workflow with communication that will occur within the platform so everything runs faster.

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