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David Kerr,* MS, is project director with Axio Research Corporation, a division of Solutia Pharmaceutical Services Division, 2601 4th Avenue, Suite 200, Seattle, WA, 98121, (206) 577-0217, fax (206) 547-4671, email: davidk@axioresearch.com.


Spotlight on Open-Label Extension Studies

July 01, 2006

Open-label extension (OLE) studies are common, but they do not receive as much attention as traditional Phase I through Phase IV studies. Enrollment into an OLE study typically follows enrollment into a randomized, blinded, well-controlled main study. Participants are usually informed at the time they are recruited into the main study that they may elect to enroll in an OLE study after completing the main trial. The stated objective of most OLE studies is to obtain long-term safety and tolerability data.