Denise Calaprice, PhD


Accelerating Innovation Adoption to Support Drug Development Operations

February 07, 2022

Characterizing the long-term adoption experience of clinical technologies and capabilities—and what senior leaders can do to drive adoption within their walls.

Bridging the Gap for Better Patient Engagement

June 01, 2017

Survey examines issues related to clinical trials quality and participation from the patients' view.

Lean Outsourcing Models for Clinical Trials, Part 2: Optimizing Technology

September 15, 2016

A key success factor for lean models is the possession of technology that can measure performance and manage risk in a well-organized and user-friendly manner. This article describes the results of an investigation to identify and describe the basic requirements for such technology solutions.

Lean Outsourcing Models for Clinical Trials

August 03, 2016

In the shifting landscape of product development, the pharma and biotech arenas increasingly emphasize the need to use less internal R&D resources, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. One product development strategy is the utilization of lean outsourcing models for clinical studies.