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The Changing Landscape of Clinical Research Sites With Frenova Renal Research

December 06, 2021

Kurt Mussina, MBA, president of Frenova Renal Research, explains how the site landscape is changing for clinical research. He has years of experience leading a global network of investigators, patients and data scientists involved in clinical studies. He brings a unique perspective to what the major problems in clinical research sites are, including private equity and industry consolidation. Refreshingly, he provides solutions Frenova is implementing that will promote better clinical research sites.

Five Things to Consider When Adding or Expanding Research at a Clinical Practice

October 01, 2020

Private practices tap into an industry investing more than $15 billion annually in the USA. These five recommendations help practices capitalize on potential benefits.

Missed Revenue in Clinical Research

September 20, 2019

The survival of marginally profitable investigational sites concerns the entire clinical research industry. This case study shows how Frenova prevented its networked sites from losing out on significant, hard-earned revenue.