Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid/Decentralized Trials

July 13, 2022

Wednesday, July, 13th, 2022 at 11am EDT | 10am CDT | 8am PDT It’s no secret that hybrid and decentralized trials (DCT) are here to stay. Yet despite adoption, questions, myths, & rumors about what it means to “decentralize a trial,” persist. Find out the truth from Medable.

Breaking down the basics of decentralized clinical trials

May 11, 2022

Browse your email, attend a conference or read a journal and you are bound to see terms like ‘digital health’, ‘virtual’, and ‘decentralized clinical trials’. What is all the buzz? Recruitment, retention, diversity, efficiency, safety and accuracy are all factors driving the need for radical innovation. This need is painfully apparent during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We can no longer ‘do the same thing and expect a different result’; it is time to take some giant steps forward.

The Building Blocks of DCT

May 11, 2022

How to create a seamless experience across eConsent, eCOA and more. Read our whitepaper to learn more!

Tips for tailoring eConsent for Optimal Patient Centricity

May 11, 2022

Informed consent used to take place on lengthy, hard to comprehend paper consent forms, during inperson for patients who were within travel distance to a physical site. Today, we have an easier, more accessible solution called eConsent. Optimize patient access to clinical research with a modern eConsent platform that delivers an engaging, flexible and scalable user experience.

Enriching Oncology Studies with RWD Before, During and After the Trial

March 17, 2022

Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 2pm EDT | 11am PT | 6pm GMT | 7pm CET Oncology trials of the future are enriched with real-world data. Learn how to unlock better patient outcomes, faster research, and lower healthcare costs by combining a SaaS DCT platform with real-world data connectivity.

A New Path Forward to Empower Your Team Utilizing Decentralized Clinical Trials

September 15, 2021

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 11am EDT | 10am CDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST It’s with this in mind that we invite you to join us in an industry-first training and certification program that provides the specialized tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to develop and scale decentralized trials. Together, we can help codify new roles and learning paths that empower the industry to design, build, deploy and support decentralized trials. We can scale best practices and shared expertise to help trial teams break down traditional barriers, reduce cycle times, enhance data quality, and improve patient access and experience. But most importantly, in doing this we help scale a more inclusive scientific future for all.