Michael Christel

Michael Christel is Group Managing Editor of Applied Clinical Trials, Pharmaceutical Executive, and Pharmaceutical Commerce. He can be reached at mchristel@mjhlifesciences.com.


Rare Disease Research: It Pays to Engage

November 02, 2016

With pursuits in rare and orphan disease beginning to move more into the drug development mainstream, the opportunities and challenges in patient engagement and trial execution for these conditions are ever-evolving, as one strategy expert in the field discusses.

Q&A: Research Data Promise vs. Reality

June 20, 2016

Today’s convergence of health data and technology is fun to watch unfold, but a focused vision on system and process integration-and the framework for continuous enrichment-will be key to future lasting gains for clinical research.

Think Big on Outsourcing: A Network Approach for Small Biopharma

July 09, 2015

Proposed partnership model explores the value of establishing alliances between CROs and networks of small and emerging biopharma companies.

Q&A: The Future of Clinical Trial Data Sharing

June 04, 2015

Merck & Co. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Rosenblatt speaks with Applied Clinical Trials about the significant opportunities and challenges of sharing clinical trial data and the progress so far in developing a framework that, if properly pursued, could help transform the future of research and clinical care.