Peter O'Donnell, ACT's Brussels Correspondent

Peter O'Donnell is a freelance journalist who specializes in European health affairs and is based in Brussels, Belgium.


Bringing Evidence Back into Fashion in European Drug Rules

June 23, 2022

Battle lines being drawn among key healthcare constituencies, as discussions around new approaches to drug evaluation and decision-making heat up.

Naming and Shaming is Driving Improvements in Reporting of Clinical Trial Results

June 17, 2022

The reporting of one man in Europe is changing accountability with compliance.

New EMA Report Highlights Milestones and Momentum

June 13, 2022

But despite showing a tightening of focus on clinical trials and evidence, the annual report doesn’t paint the full picture.

Updated Guidance on Clinical Trials for Antimicrobials

May 26, 2022

EMA’s new release factors in scientific advances, clarity on trial designs.