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How to Meet the FDA’s Diversity Guidance

April 03, 2023

The pending FDA Guidelines is clear—pharma companies must improve diverse representation in clinical trials. In this whitepaper, Science 37 shares tips and strategies on how to achieve diversity in clinical trials.

How to Operationalize Oncology Trials with a Decentralized Approach

November 11, 2022

Download the Executive Oncology Clinical Trial Playbook to discover the premier, patient-centric strategy for solving hallmark challenges in oncology trials.

Decentralization: An Ethical Obligation

September 09, 2022

Today, we live in a world where we have the capability to reach anyone, through decentralized clinical trial techniques and we have an ethical obligation to implement them.

Meet the FDA Diversity Action Plan Guidance

September 09, 2022

In this whitepaper, Science 37's Diversity & Inclusion leaders share strategies on how to achieve diversity in clinical trials in order to adhere to the FDA's Guidance.