Wolfgang Schaub


Luisenstrasse 13,




Wolfgang Schaub, PhD, is a drug development consultant with C.R.O.Cont(r)acts, Luisenstrasse 13, D-65779 Kelkheim, Germany, +49 6195 976 210, fax +49 6195 976 212, email: Wolfgang.Schaub@cro-contracts.com.


Searching for a CRO - Can the Internet Help?

April 01, 2003

More than 1000 contract research organizations exist worldwide, and the number is growing. CROs differ widely in size and profile. Before a project can be contracted out, sponsors often spend valuable time searching for the CRO that best fits the project's specifications. Consultants are often needed to help hew a path through this jungle, a task made all the more difficult by the intentional withholding of information that would help sponsors decide. The World Wide Web would be an excellent means for CROs to communicate relevant and fluid information about their companies, and herein I offer a model for CROs to use.