Dr. Chirag Shah


Managing Clinical Trials During the COVID Pandemic

How one CRO in India quickly implemented processes and technology to mitigate risk

Greg Killian


New Technology Springs Innovation in Clinical Trials Space

Many companies have implemented new technologies and are adopting clinical trial models that are more patient-centric.

Q2 Solutions (IQVIA)


A Global Network to Empower Leaner Oncology Clinical Trials: Unlocking the Potential of Local Genomic Biomarker Testing in Europe

Monday, October 25, 2021 at 10am EDT Attend this webinar to hear about CGP, the latest in onco-innovation for genomic biomarker testing and uncover the role that Illumina and Q2 Solutions are playing in evolving the CGP testing landscape to deliver a localized testing model to support oncology precision medicine clinical trials in Europe. Lastly, the webinar will reveal the updated roadmap of Q2 Solutions’ Edinburgh Genomics laboratory.

Sachin Bharadia


ePRO and Ensuring Data Integrity

Push for accurate data collection during pandemic led by increased focus on patient engagement.

Emma DiBella


The Value of Integrated Data Views for Clinical Trials

To have a successful integration of data from across clinical systems, a strong understanding of the data is a critical.

Julie Bullock


With Project Optimus, Success Favors the Prepared

Oncology drug developers must start asking questions in preparation of FDA’s dose optimization initiative.

Neal Pope


Distribution Network Ensures In-Home Trials and Patients Succeed

Industry must work closely with patients to advance the use of decentralized technology.

Hilde Vanaken, Rebecca Zeising, Bethany Pryski, Liz Goodman


eConsent: Why Language Matters

Fostering common eConsent terminologies enriches communication and understanding across all stakeholders.

Viren Patel, PhD


At-home Self-collection of Blood Specimens for Safety Lab Testing in Clinical Trials via the Tasso+ Device

Laboratory services organization focuses on easing patient and site burden with improved collection device.

Agnieszka Pirinen


The Only Thing Certain is the Uncertainty: How to Re-Plan Future Clinical Trial Enrollment in Covid-19 Times

Sponsors need to develop a strategy on how to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on the re-start of halted trials.

Jeffrey Spaeder, MD


Shifting Expectations for Clinical Development

COVID-19 speeds up clinical research and creates new advancements within industry.

Amalia Iljasova


What Stands in the Way of an Efficient CRO-Pharma Collaboration?

Survey taken by CROs and pharma/biotech companies seeks answers in maximizing partnership.

Valdo Arnera, MD


When Should the Audit Trail Begin?

A discussion of the regulatory history behind audit trails and its interpretation as it relates to clinical research data originating or residing in EDC or eCOA systems.

Jeff Souza


Alternatives to Permanent Employees

How pharmaceutical start-ups can mitigate risk and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Craig Lipset


How Pharma Needs to Prepare for the Next Pandemic

Master protocols helped accelerate research during the pandemic in the EU. How can US companies learn from this and start preparing master protocols now?

Amy Brown


Listening at Scale and Leveraging Conversational Data to Improve Clinical Recruitment

How can managers ensure their clinical trial participants represent future patients?

Rezzan Hekmat


Characterizing Clinical Data Management Challenges and Their Impact

2020 Tufts CSDD – IBM Watson Health benchmarking study highlights need for new functionality from EDC solutions and providers.

Marta Lettieri


The Current Status of European Research Related to COVID-19: The EUCROF Perspective

Successful collaborations between Pharma/Biotech/Device industries and CROs will play a key role in an effective fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt Walz


How to Improve Recruitment Rates, Reduce Site Burden, and Avoid Wasted Spending

In light of Facebook ban on ads targeting patients, industry has chance to reinvent digital advertising for trials.

Song Wang


How to Address—and Overcome—Operational Challenges in Master Protocol Studies

Trials that address multiple questions simultaneously using a master protocol can be operationally complicated. These complexities can be managed, even in studies used to support a marketing application.

Shiri Diskin, PhD


Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Evaluation of Digital Health Products

Shiri Diskin, PhD, Head of Medical Writing at Bioforum, sits down with Daphna Laifenfeld, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Ibex Medical Analytics to discuss the challenges associated with developing a CER and how to effectively navigate them while creating opportunities that increase efficiencies.

Lindsey Klane


Improving Clinical Trial Patient Diversity: Can Central Imaging Play a Role?

Centralized medical imaging providers must challenge their current processes to improve patient diversity.



Accelerate Clinical Trial Success with Genomics Experts

Webinar Date/Time: Thu, Mar 2, 2023 1:00 PM EST

Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company


Improving Diversity in Clinical Trials

Employing a Multi-faceted Approach to Cultivate Inclusivity and Close Disparity.

Dipak Kalra


Innovations in Data Capture Transforming Trial Delivery

Advances in technology open door for improved EHR to EDC transfer process.

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