A List of CROs with Rough Justice Applied

Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-03-01-2022
Volume 31
Issue 3

Applied Clinical Trials introduces its first ever list of CROs.

Have you ever watched The People’s Court when Judge Marilyn Milian says, “We are going to do a little rough justice”? It means she’s about to render a decision that she thinks is fair, but not entirely based on the result of the testimonies or evidence given. And that’s what we are presenting. Applied Clinical Trials’ list of 45 CROs based on the rough estimations that we could gather.

This resultant list is found within our main feature, which reports on the current state of the CRO market. This list is a fair representation of data we found from various internet sources, suggested input from vendors and industry providers, company websites, publicly available SEC forms for public companies, as well as Dun & Bradstreet, Zoom info, Owler, and Crunchbase. We erred on the side of the greater numbers found and we did not reach out to the companies to verify. We did that based on our own staff limitations, timelines, and knowledge that next year we will be launching an online service provider directory for the industry. This is just the first iteration for the opportunity to grow that list and database into a comprehensive industry resource.

While we do that, we encourage interested parties (i.e., those that were not intentionally left off of this list and who very likely will not be happy about it) to email me directly, at lhenderson@mjhlifesciences.com, so you can be filed for further outreach when the directory goes into production.

For more insights into the state of the CRO industry, please see commentary on page 10 from ACRO’s Executive Director Doug Peddicord, PhD. Here he states that technology providers are now members of the CRO association because of their necessary integrations and support to the industry.

Which brings up an interesting point. What is the division between a tech and/or service provider and a CRO? They all provide services, where do we draw the lines? In our list, we have included only companies that provide trial, site or data management, biostats, etc. Tech and service providers remain recruitment companies, consultants, technology integration, wearables, patient outcomes measurements, AI, analytics, etc.

As we head into developing our directory, please join us on the journey to redefine—and newly define—the nomenclature of our industry based on tech advancements and the numerous new vendors in our ecosystem. 

Lisa Henderson is Editor-in-Chief of Applied Clinical Trials. She can be reached at lhenderson@mjhlifesciences.com.

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