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This month, Applied Clinical Trials celebrates its 20th year of providing peer-reviewed, authoritative content to the highly regulated pharmaceutical audience that conducts clinical trials worldwide. I’ve had the opportunity the past couple of months to speak to many people about the clinical trials industry and how much it has changed in those 20 years. Many of their comments can be found on our 20th Anniversary page as part of our videos.

The key observation is this: while the need to get drugs to market faster exists and is at the top of everyone’s mind, the actual time it takes to take a drug through development remains the same. Maybe technologies have speeded things up, but then globalization and the need to figure out the trials process worldwide, has slowed things down. Economies of scale through mergers and acquisitions are then tempered with the time it takes to develop a contract or solid relationship with a CRO or service provider. And the requirements from regulatory bodies worldwide have not offered any relief, not that relief is their function, but the increase has only added more complexity to the cycle times.

The bonus for the Applied Clinical Trials audience is the amount of information they have learned about the conduct of trials over the years, and the quality of information they can look forward to receiving.

Each day for the next two weeks, we will post a video interview and a blog about the 20th Anniversary. On May 23, we will feature an exclusive editorial webinar Top of Mind for Clinical Development Operations, where we will explore the changing landscape, what issues that keep clinical operations executives up at night, as well as what the current and future issues mean on a pragmatic, resources level for both CROs and pharmaceutical sponsors.

As I said to our multimedia editor when he was interviewing me for our 20th Anniversary video, the editors, contributors and columnists of Applied Clinical Trials are never at a loss of topics to cover. There is always a new development, challenge or solution to write about. This observation may end up on the cutting room floor, I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s true. Staying on top of this industry and informing our audience of something they need to know every day is what we strive to do.

Thanks to our readers for supporting us all of these years.

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