Best Practices for Optimizing Your Protocol, Country and Site Feasibility Strategy



Now Available On Demand! In this webinar, we will explore best practices to optimize your protocol, country and site feasibility strategy by employing a robust multi-channel strategy and a risk management feedback loop to monitor and mitigate risks throughout the project.

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Event Overview:
Many clinical teams rely on outdated or limited strategies for feasibility and assume this is a ‘one and done’ activity that can be completed quickly within the RFP process. In today’s clinical research environment, feasibility requires a robust multi-channel strategy and a risk management feedback loop to monitor and mitigate risks throughout the project.

Advanced Clinical experts—Dan Sabou, MD, Country Manager and Medical Director and Donna Hanson, Senior Director, Strategy and Optimization—will explore the fundamentals of feasibility, the necessity to broaden approaches, how to leverage technologies, and processes, as well as discuss how all of this combined can deliver more actionable insights from feasibility assessments. Learn through real-world examples and experience of the Advanced Clinical team how organizations can work with their partners to optimize feasibility assessments, mitigate risks and improve results.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Feasibility approaches and why multi-channel methodologies deliver optimized results
  • How to conduct an effective feasibility assessment to set the course for a successful study
  • Technologies and processes that can optimize your feasibility strategy to deliver better and more actionable insights
  • The future of feasibility and how to adapt your current methods to embrace what lies ahead
  • The benefits that optimized feasibility can bring to a study

Who Should Attend:
Global professionals at pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic companies who are responsible for Study Feasibility decisions, including:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Outsourcing / Procurement
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Project Management
  • Clinical (Sponsor) Oversight
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety
  • Quality and Validation
  • Site Feasibility, Identification and Selection
  • R&D
  • Regulatory Affairs


Donna Hanson
Senior Director, Strategy and Optimization
Advanced Clinical

Donna Hanson, Senior Director, Strategy and Optimization with Advanced Clinical, has been in the clinical trial industry for nearly 20 years. Donna has a comprehensive background including leading teams in patient recruitment and engagement, feasibility and site engagement, bids and proposals and vendor management/outsourcing. Her passion is to enhance strategy and study optimization to expeditiously complete trials that provide access to cutting edge treatments to those in need, faster. Donna’s experience spans multiple therapeutic areas, with a large focus in urology, gastroenterology, rare disease, oncology and pediatric programs.

Dan Sabou, MD
Country Manager and Medical Director
Advanced Clinical

Dan Sabou, MD, Country Manager and Medical Director, has worked in clinical research for over 12 years and is a board-certified physician, including university teaching experience. As a member of the Global Medical Services department, Dan provides medical and surgical advice to clients and within Advanced Clinical. This includes consulting on clinical development plans, protocols, KOL development, site networks, and medical/safety monitoring (medical monitoring and safety management plans, medical monitoring and medical case review). He holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Victor Babeș University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara, Romania.

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