Centralized Data Flow and Connected Workflow Intelligence to Enable Data Science in Clinical Trials: A day in the life of an IQVIA Data Manager



Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 11:00 EST Today’s Data Managers are presented with the challenge of ever-increasing data volumes, evolving data collection devices, clinical trial conduct strategies and industry pressures. They need to deliver this against the need for ever faster drug development, while maintaining the highest quality and without increasing cost. IQVIA will share their Intelligent Data Cleaning strategy leveraging centralized data flow and issue management, digitized workflow and end-to-end standards to drive automation that allows the data manager and the study team to transform their interactions with the data and process.

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Event overview:

Establishing centralized data flows in real-time enables all study stakeholders to interact collaboratively with the data. When building new frontiers of data acquisiton tech and standards between study team members, data flow can accelerate project development to stakeholders and reduce wasteful manual effort.

Centralizing the issues and expanding the view to all study team members vastly reduces duplicate or conflicting data cleaning efforts and accelerates resolutions. This in turn unlocks higher consistency, quality and efficiency with downstream processes, which leads to smarter decision making and accelerated solutions for customers.

In addition, the data flow ecosystem provides standardization and automation of manual, cadence-based administrative tasks, that enables highly skilled staff to focus on the value-add activities. Join us to learn more about how IQVIA implemented automation through real-time data cleaning and fundamentally changed the way our data managers provide oversight and interact with the data.

3 Key take-aways

IQVIA’s connected data and workflow fundamentally changes the role of the data manager in the following ways:

  • Establishing a centralized data and issue management foundation connected to real-time data flow vastly reduces waste while improving quality of data
  • Digitized processes connected to the data foundation will harmonize how business is conducted and drive efficiencies
  • Leveraging the power of standardardization for the delivery of submission-ready data and automation of data management activities reducing time to customize.

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Christina Lentz Larsen
Director, Innovation, Data Sciences, Safety and Regulatory

Christina Lentz Larsen serves as a Director in the Innovation team of IQVIA’s Data Sciences, Safety and Regulatory division. In this role, Christina leads the standardization, simplification, and digitization of data management, biostatistics and medical processes to transform the business, providing insight and guidance into IQVIA’s next-generation unified data and process platforms. She has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, across programming, data management, statistics, and risk-based monitoring, and has worked both domestically and internationally within the large pharma, CRO, and technology spaces. Christina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics,Cum Laudefrom Boston Universityand is a certified IQVIA Lean Practitioner.

Diana Enid
Associate Director, Clinical Data Management

Diana Enid serves as an Associate Director in Clinical Data Management of IQVIA’s Data Sciences, Safety and Regulatory division. In this role, Diana serves as Data Management Customer Liaison and provides management support across global data management projects. She has 15 years’ experience in clinical data management and has worked on developing strategies for new processes and technology within IQVIA and partnered in driving innovations for large pharma. Diana graduated with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Research, ICRI Cranfield University and is a certified IQVIA Lean Practitioner.

Parama Sil
Senior Manager, Clinical Data Management

Parama Sil serves as a Senior Manager in Clinical Data Management of IQVIA’s Data Sciences, Safety and Regulatory division. In this role, Parama manages a team of professional Data Management staff, manages key customer accounts, and leads discussions on project requirements and strategic planning. She has 15 years’ experience in the industry, across multiple EDC platforms, various therapeutic areas and serves as Data Management Subject Matter Expert. Parama graduated with a Master of Pharmacy degree in Pharmacology,from Manipal Universityand is a certified IQVIA Lean Practitioner.

Register free: http://www.appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com/act_w/flow

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