Considerations for a Successful RBQM Technology Implementation



Tue, Nov 15, 2022 11:00 AM EST Learn how people, process and technology all contribute to successful implementation of RBQM technology.

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Event Overview;

RBQM technology offerings continue to expand, allowing more ways than ever to ensure data integrity and patient safety. Maybe you see the value in RBQM as a concept but haven’t yet taken the leap to select and implement RBQM technology because you’re not sure where to start.

Implementing new technology can seem overwhelming when you consider all the variables involved like regulatory requirements, validation efforts, staff training, writing new SOPs and work practices, implementation models and simply getting everyone to agree to a new way of doing things. Once deployed, ensuring that teams understand how to use the analytics to drive actionable insights and reduce trial costs is also critical. The good news is that with appropriate change management practices, thoughtful input at the beginning of the process and an experienced vendor partner, your RBQM implementation can be smooth and effective.

In this Applied Clinical Trials webinar, you will learn what it takes to successfully implement RBQM technology with particular attention paid to the interplay between people, process and technology. Join us to gain valuable insights from our team of RBQM experts who have worked with clients of all sizes implementing RBQM.

Key Learning:

  • Learn how successful RBQM technology implementation and adoption hinges on people, process and technology
  • Discuss key considerations and challenges to RBQM technology implementation
  • Consider how to choose the right implementation model for your organization


Gayle Hamilton
Director, RBQM, Digital Trial
Management Suite
IQVIA Technologies

Adrian Kisewski
Associate Director, RBQM, Digital
Trial Management Suite
IQVIA Technologies

Rachel Geedey
Associate Director, RBQM, Digital
Trial Management Suite
IQVIA Technologies

Times and Dates:

Tue, Nov 15, 2022 11:00 AM EST



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