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My mother was a Type 1 diabetic. As a family, we lived through her heartache as she lost her vision and had to give up her career as a teacher. It caused early heart disease that took her life in her 50's. Since her death the research that’s continued has been so enormous and made such a difference in quality as well as quantity of life. That is very exciting since she was hoping for something better for patients like herself.

As luck has it, our company has been able to work with Roche Diagnostics for years on research related to patient's glucose monitoring. We have been a key part of multiple publications from this research. One study our research data was cited in evaluated the impact of an automated decision support tool (DST) on clinicians’ ability to identify glycemic abnormalities in structured self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) data and then make appropriate therapeutic changes based on the glycemic patterns observed.

Our statistician Zhihong (Jenny) Jelsovsky has contributed to all of this effort in diabetes. She makes BSI shine in this area. I am just so glad that through her work my company has been helping the cause in some way.

Our company doesn’t consider our work related to diabetes philanthropic in any way. We get paid for what we do, and I can't say that we work harder on those projects than any other. We are just part of a much larger effort in the battle, no matter how small. I am just glad we are since it lets me at least in some way connect to those hopes for a better quality of life from my Mom.


Maureen R. Lyden, M.S. founded BioStat International, Inc. in 1994 with an extensive background in biostatistical analysis in pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device clinical research.

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