Elevating the Site-Sponsor Experience: Learning Management SaaS in Clinical Trials



Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 11am EDT Are you looking for a digital approach to protocol training? See the cross-trial solution that’s eliminating repetitive trainings and saving precious time during study start-up, all while boosting quality and auditability.

Register free: http://www.appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com/act_w/learning_SaaS

Event overview:

Protocol deviations that occur when sites miss details of the investigational plan have consistently topped inspection findings for decades. While protocol training has a significant impact on a site’s ability to conduct trials successfully, redundancy in required trainings is one of the most common complaints expressed by site staff during the activation process.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how IQVIA Technologies (formerly DrugDev) solves the double-edged sword of protocol training and learning management in clinical trials with a global platform that leverages the best content, tracks compliance across trials, and reduces repetitive trainings. Join us to see how the single sign-on, SaaS-based Learning Management module of the IQVIA Investigator Site Portal reduces administration burden on sites and sponsors and speeds study start-up.

3 Key Take-Aways

  • Learn how to save precious time during study start-up with a centralized training catalog for sponsors and cross-trial credits for learners that previously passed a course
  • See how to quickly and easily push trainings and track compliance to reduce time and cost while increasing audit transparency
  • Understand ways to run a fully digital clinical program that supports virtual investigator meetings, remote learning, and decentralized trials


KK Rumrill
Sr. Director, General Manager, Digital Planning and Site Suites
IQVIA Technologies

KK Rumrill has more than 25 years’ experience in product development, customer support, and implementation services teams in clinical trials. She was a key leader in client operations at BBK Worldwide, driving growth in global patient recruitment, site engagement, and trial optimization. In 2013, KK moved to TrialNetworks, which was acquired by DrugDev and subsequently by IQVIA in 2017. She now leads several key product teams in IQVIA Technologies’ Orchestrated Clinical Trials platform.

Kimberly LaValle
Associate Director, Product Management, Learning Management
IQVIA Technologies

Kim LaValle has nearly a decade of clinical trial technology experience with a focus on product development, implementation, customer success and support. She has worked on the Learning Management product for the past 5 years, obtaining a deep understanding of sponsor and site training needs, driving enterprise level enhancements, and ensuring successful user adoption.

Register free: http://www.appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com/act_w/learning_SaaS

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