Ensuring Data Quality in a Complex Trial Landscape

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Tue, Jul 26, 2022 11:00 AM EDT Register for this free webinar to learn about a new data analytics platform enabling you to ingest, normalize and use data from the vast variety of clinical data sources and drive faster, deeper data actionable insights to improve study quality for better outcomes.

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Event overview:

Ensuring Data Quality in a Complex Trial Landscape

Complex trial designs and the pandemic-fueled acceleration of Decentralized Trials has resulted
in significant changes in how and where patient data is captured. Increasingly, clinical trial data is sourced from various fragmented, disconnected systems such as, EMR/EHR systems, eCOA/ePRO, EDC, patient apps, and connected devices. As a result, organizations struggle to keep pace with the variety, volume, and velocity of digital information using traditional data management practices and technology.

Ensuring the integrity and quality of clinical trial data in this new landscape requires new data management strategies and supporting technologies that deliver a consolidated and more automated approach to data oversight and review, data cleaning and discrepancy detection, and issue resolution.
Register now for this free webinar and learn more about an innovative data engineering platform that:

  • Automates real-time access to data from any source
  • Provides a data platform for consolidated data review and issue management
  • Delivers the right data and insights needed, to drive the right actions

3 Key take-aways

  • Seismic changes to the landscape of clinical trials have significantly impacted traditional data management practices
  • Consolidating data for a single point of review and management across all data sources is greatly increasing data management efficiencies
  • The ability to ingest and harmonize data, using AI/ML intelligence empowers users to shape better outcomes

Wendy Morahan
Sr. Director, Clinical Data Analytics
IQVIA Technologies

Wendy has 25+ years' experience in the life sciences industry with a career spanning academic research, preclinical drug discovery, and clinical trials, culminating in a focus and passion for delivering technology solutions that help bring treatments to patients faster. Wendy is currently part of the product strategy leadership team for IQVIA Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS), providing both SaaS solutions for the market as well as IQVIA’s internal CRO needs. As part of the CDAS team, Wendy is responsible for strategy, product management leadership, and Go to Market activities.

Jennifer Aimone
Director, Clinical Data Analytics
IQVIA Technologies

Jenny has been working with clinical trial data for the last 11 years with a focus on driving insights and delivering automation to enhance trial outcomes. She has a passion for the user experience and simplifying complex solutions for both technical and non-technical audiences. Currently, Jenny is the Product Owner for Clinical Data Review, one of the products included as part of IQVIA’s Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS).

Register Free: http://www.appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com/act_w/data_quality