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Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-10-01-2004

invivodata's SitePRO,? QuickSTAT's QuickOnlineRx,? and Cold Chain Technologies' KoolWatch?


This new software for patient-reported outcomes has a host of capabilities, and a novel device to house it, too

invivodata's (Pittsburgh, PA) new SitePRO software uses a unique device originally invented to take notes.

The medium is the message, the saying goes, so a new media needs a new message. In this case, the new media is AlphaSmart's (Los Gatos, CA) Dana™ device, a full-size keyboard with an attached LCD screen on top that looks like either the world's biggest PDA or the world's smallest laptop. The new message invivodata brought was SitePRO, an in-clinical patient reporting system for patient-reported outcomes.


The familiar keyboard allows anyone to use it with relative ease. The display is much wider than a PDA, and allows users to type in responses or to tap the touch-screen. Importantly, the large display also means that complex questions can be asked entirely on one screen without having to rephrase or run onto a second page. And since the PRO entries are the original data straight from the subject, there are no data entry errors.

Such keyboards offer the price of a PDA and the comfort of a laptop, all at two pounds: the weight of a quart of milk. And the subjects' data is scored automatically, letting site staff deal with discrepancies right away.

invivodata, (412) 390-3000.


QuickSTAT offers access to a database of drug delivery—the kind that involves a van and an invoice slip

QuickSTAT (New York, NY) is a division of Quick International Courier, which has over 20 years experience handling critical shipments for all industries. For clinical trials, QuickSTAT created the Quick-OnlineRx online order entry system. This password-protected system simplifies the process of creating shipping paperwork and notifying QuickSTAT of a specimen pick-up at the investigator site level.


QuickSTAT ensures the timely delivery of critical patient specimens and provides the same level of service for study drug deliveries. As the industry knows, a change in temperature or a late arrival can cause a domino effect that turns into millions of dollars of extra cost.

Customers who use QuickSTAT know that their time-critical shipments will move through a tight transportation loop. The QuickOnlineRX system notifies all of the key players involved with the study with advisory communications even if unforeseen delays affect delivery status. Proof of delivery is automatically emailed to all parties when an important package gets delivered.

QuickSTAT staff include customer service, operations, and dangerous goods staff who are trained specifically on the needs of the biopharm community.

QuickSTAT, (800)


Cold Chain has developed a cool way to ensure your sensitive shipments don't get too hot or too cold

Cold Chain Technologies(Holliston, MA) developed a smart thermometer that will squash any worries about a product being shipped.


The KoolWatch™ temperature monitor is a purple-and-yellow card smaller and lighter than an empty Tic-Tac box. It blinks "OK" so long as its sensors don't detect a rise or fall n temperature beyond its preset highs and lows. In addition to clinical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines, it's also used for perishable foods and chemicals.

There are many steps in a transfer from the manufacturing plant to the hands of the subject. Having a KoolWatch thermometer riding alongside the package will give confidence that the package temperature stays as compliant as, ideally, the subjects going home will be when they take their medicine.

The battery inside lasts for up to three years in storage and then two years in actual use. It can be reprogrammed for different parameters, and comes with double-sided tape to stick to packages. They run as low as $5 each, when bought in cases of 50.

Cold Chain Technologies, (508)

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