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Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-01-01-2005

Think of Teranode's modeling software program as the world's most sophisticated blackboard

Think of Teranode's modeling software program as the world's most sophisticated blackboard

Teranode's (Seattle, WA) capabilities as a design automation software company incorporates some of the better elements of spreadsheets, Visio, dry-erase boards, and databases.


Its product, the recently revamped Teranode Design Suite V2™, is a tool to turn the sometimes-challenging protocol design into an easy-to-read flow chart that just happens to works as a data repository as well. The closed-loop R&D platform lets sponsors use one program to design their workflow, instead of cobbling together aspects of half a dozen other products for an ad hoc solution. That workflow can be used all trial long.

Teranode Design Suite V2™

V2 includes a visual model of both biochemical and protocol systems. That model can be integrated to lab data or analytics, which makes for easier simulation, charting, and reporting. And multiple users can work on the same model, easing collaboration.

The first step a sponsor should make when designing a study is setting up the protocols, not calling in engineers to design an informatics platform. The tail should not wag the dog, which is why Teranode was designed. It easily portrays all the elements of a protocol great and small, letting the sponsor run the trial.

Teranode, (206) 219-3000,

There is no Office Depot for clinical trial supplies, but there is First Marketing's online store

First Marketing (Pompano Beach, FL) wants to give sponsors flexibility in both purchasing and monitoring site supplies.


The company already runs the Patient Interaction service, which offers a gamut of services: site analysis, PR, Web and interactive services, patient education, marketing campaigns, even physician referral programs. In other words, everything but the kitchen sink.

Its (Pi)Site Solution is an online ordering system for clinical trial supplies. The site gets to choose what they want, but the sponsor gets to make sure they meet any IRB requirements. Choose from flyers, brochures, thank you cards, direct mailers, newsletters, informed consent media, or newspaper ads.

Sponsors can see exactly what is being requested by a site. That data can be compared with enrollment and retention rates to see why one site needs twice as many supplies as a second, if they have the same number of recruited subjects.

There's also a function to customize the materials with personalized info: a site logo, contact numbers, and even a picture of the lead investigator. The ordering site and the materials are available in multiple languages as well.

First Marketing, (954) 979-0700, or

Enter the matrix management system with Zorch's new addition to its IDS suite of pharma business programs

Zorch Software (Salt Lake City, UT) already has a full Integrated Development System to cover project management. So what does its new Matrix Manager offer?

Matrix Manager™

In a word, oversight. The program allows departmental managers who have multiple projects on their desks to check out the resource allocation for all of them, at the same time. Managers can allocate funds and resources to cross-functional projects, to ensure that all projects stay guided by the ultimate vision of the sponsor.

The manager who had just one trial to monitor is rare nowadays. With different emphases, different phases, many different locations and different protocols, keeping all the ducks in a row is a challenging task. Matrix Manager allows executives to take advantage of a matrix organizational style.

This is in addition to the existing Zorch IDS products which boast to accelerate time-to market for INDs, NDAs, or ANDA submissions, and improve the product commercialization process.

Zorch Software, (801) 957-5333,

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