Felix Khin-Maung-Gyi Ethicist, IRB Founder Remembered


Felix A. Khin-Maung-Gyi, executive chairman and founder of Chesapeake Research Review LLC and an ethicist whose field was human research, will be remembered.

Applied Clinical Trials staff was saddened to learn of the unexpected passing of a colleague and Editorial Advisory Board member Felix Khin-Maung-Ghi, PharmD, MBA, CIP and founder of IRB Chesapeake Research Review. His full obituary was printed last week by the Baltimore Sun, however,CenterWatch this morning featured personal commentary from colleagues of all walks of clinical trials and is a true tribute to his legacy.

In the many years that Felix honored us by participating on our Editorial Advisory Board, he was always gracious and supportive of the publication's efforts. He kept us in the loop of human subject protection advances. He was a very kind and gentle soul, and he will be missed.


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