Forte's Popular Topics in 2013 Include Workload Planning, Recruitment, More

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Applied Clinical Trials

With 2013 having come to a close and gearing up for a what's sure to be a fantastic 2014, it seems an appropriate time to reflect back on some of the most popular content of the year.

Editor's Note: The following post was sent along by our friends at Forte Research, and we felt as though the content would be of interest to our readers. We hope that you find it to be a helpful resource! The post is presented without comment.

With 2013 having come to a close and gearing up for a what’s sure to be a fantastic 2014, it seems an appropriate time to reflect back on some of the most popular content of the year. 

Early in the year, Forte launched the Clinical Research Blog and began producing other complementary resources such as eBooks and webinars.  Since its inception, it’s been very well received and Forte looks forward to continuing to provide helpful resources relevant to the ever-changing clinical research industry. 

If you missed some of the content this year, it can easily be viewed by topic in the Clinical Research Blog or on our Resources page.  For a quick preview of the type of content you may find on there, here are the top three articles and top three downloads from 2013:

ArticlesThe Physician Payment Sunshine Act: FAQs
After a webinar on the same topic, Ryan Meade, of Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP, answered a selection of questions posed by attendees.

Workload Planning – Determine Capacity and Maximize Productivity
Beth Harper, president of Clinical Performance Partners, discusses how and why to use workload planning to improve staff efficiency for clinical trials.


Has the Study Coordinator Landscape Reached a Tipping Point?
Ken Getz, of Tufts, discusses a CenterWatch survey showing study coordinators’ workloads increasing, while salaries remain flat and turnover stays low.

Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials
This eBook explores common challenges in patient recruitment and retention and presents 10 tips to successful recruitment and retention in clinical trials.

Site Success: 10 Ways to Grow Your Site’s Study Pipeline
Expert advice in this eBook explains why it’s important to focus on clinical trials that are the best fit for your site and leverage resources you already have to increase your study portfolio.

Building a Successful Clinical Research Billing Initiative
Co-written by Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center and Forte Research Systems, this eBook provides an introduction to the importance of clinical research billing and starting points for developing an effective clinical research billing initiative.

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