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Greenphire, the provider of financial software for clinical trials, has announced that it has expanded its ConneX global travel solution to include additional in-market support and visa fulfillment services.

Used by more than 40 pharmaceutical companies and CROs, ConneX is designed to meet the retention goals of global clinical trials by offering concierge travel services that deliver added convenience and a better experience for patients, families, caregivers and sites. The recent ConneX enhancement includes an expanded footprint with a global network to provide in-market, local language, and time zone travel arrangements for every major clinical trial market worldwide.

Backed by a teams in both travel and clinical research, ConneX can be tailored to accommodate each participant's unique logistical requirements, providing patients, their families and caregivers peace-of-mind while traveling away from home. Services range from local transportation (e.g. rideshare) to complex, international travel, including car (taxi, black car, white glove / specialized transportation, and ambulatory care), train, air, and hotel accommodations and more.

Expanding on its capabilities, Greenphire has introduced visa and companion care services. Our visa services enable Greenphire to coordinate the process of securing a participant's visa, removing the burden from the patient and ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Through our companion care offering, a qualified companion can be arranged to travel with a participant for their study-selected based on specific patient needs (medical, language, logistics and more).

"As the leader in this space, one of our key priorities is to continue to innovate and deliver solutions that empower sites around the globe to provide a better patient experience," said Jim Murphy, CEO of Greenphire. "We developed ConneX to eliminate the logistical and financial barriers that often hinder participants from enrolling or staying enrolled in a clinical trial, while also removing the administrative burden of travel arrangement from site staff. With its ability to integrate with our ClinCard solution, the most widely adopted participant payment and reimbursement technology, ConneX also provides sponsors and CROs with a comprehensive financial view, for enhanced predictability and cost analysis."

"As clinical trial conduct changes and becomes more personalized, trials often require highly-specific patient populations, and travel is often required. Sometimes, potential patients are excluded simply because they cannot make it to the site's physical location," said Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) President, Casey Orvin. "It is critical that sites are able to access a wider patient pool, and have tools they can use to ease this concern. Traveling to participate in a trial can be stressful and overwhelming, and addressing this pain point is a necessity for the industry."

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