How is Endpoint Adjudication Impacting Clin Ops? A Survey

This survey on Endpoint Adjudication evaluates how this concept is impacting study design, uncovering operational challenges and determining outcomes.

The topic of endpoint adjudication is gaining traction in the clinical trials industry. Last year, we conducted an endpoint adjudication survey, and it revealed that the industry lacked endpoint adjudication guidance, there were cultural challenges with adoption, and clinical trial professionals were not up to speed on endpoint adjudication solutions. Accordingly, the Clinical Endpoints Adjudication Grouppublished a charter template on endpoint adjudication in order to assist the industry on the topic.

Applied Clinical Trials is collaborating with the Clinical Endpoints Adjudication Group to conduct an updated survey that digs deeper into endpoint adjudication. The survey will evaluate how endpoint adjudication is impacting study design, and uncover operational challenges with endpoint adjudication and endpoint adjudication outcomes. The survey below should take less than five minutes to complete.

CBI’s Endpoint Adjudication Conference is back for May 2017! Regardless of your therapeutic area, this in-depth conference provides attendees with strategies to manage the complex adjudication process by offering practical insights for independent review committee selection and charter development as well as compiling information from various sources to provident consistent, reliable and accurate data to be submitted for adjudication.