How to Achieve Comprehensive Oversight of Your Entire Portfolio of Clinical Trials



Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 at 11am EST | 8am PST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET

Join a webcast to hear what 110 colleagues of yours say about their challenges and desires around trial oversight, and learn how IQVIA is responding.

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Event overview
If you are a small or mid-size pharma company without a simple solution to continuously consolidate multi-source CRO data into standardized views and analytics, you are left in a bind. You need current data from vendors for actionable oversight, but often only get those insights via vendors’ monthly reports. The varying data cadence of multiple vendors means you are typically working with some data that is relatively new and other data that older by a month or more—hardly a comprehensive picture of a trial to reassure executives’ oversight concerns.

IQVIA’s Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS) can solve this challenge and give customers easy-to-use dashboards and a real-time view of critical KPIs regardless of who is conducting individual trials. CDAS is self-service and vendor-agnostic, meaning even with multiple vendors and formats, setting up this solution to bring your portfolio data into a current, harmonized, and easy-to-report format is quite simple and cost-effective.

Three key take-aways

  • What are the challenges, levels of satisfaction, and desires of sponsors in terms of clinical trial portfolio oversight?
  • What are optimal ways to improve trial portfolio oversight?
  • Learn how a platform for clinical data analytics and AI/automation can benefit sponsors in their trial oversight efforts


Wendy Morahan
Sr. Director, Product CDAS
IQVIA Technologies

Wendy has 25+ years’ experience in the life sciences industry, with a career spanning academic research, preclinical drug discovery, and clinical trials culminating in a focus and passion for delivering technology solutions that help bring treatments to patients faster. Wendy is currently part of the product strategy leadership team for IQVIA Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS), providing both SaaS solutions for the market as well as IQVIA’s internal CRO needs. As part of the CDAS team, Wendy is responsible for strategy, product management leadership, and go-to market activities.

Gary Shorter
Head, AI and Data Science
IQVIA Technologies

Gary pursues the use of emerging technology to provide new and more efficient capabilities to enhance clinical trial management. This includes development of new design software that supports recent advancements with AI capabilities. His team has developed several micro-products and micro-services that can be plugged in and used by any SaaS solution.

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