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Selected oncology Web sites to assist readers in becoming more informed about cancer and available clinical trials in this therapeutic area.

The following Web sites are focused on oncology trials for the professional and/or potential participant. Please note that many pharmaceutical companies currently running trials offer access to them through their own Web sites. In addition, many cancer patient advocacy groups and organizations may have listings for oncology clinical trials on their home pages on the Web.—The Editors

American Cancer Society/EmergingMed Clinical Trials Matching Service

This free Clinical Trial Matching and Referral Service is made available to American Cancer Society visitors through a collaboration with EmergingMed. By filling out one questionnaire, patients learn whether they match any trials in the system. The EmergingMed database contains more than 3000 clinical trials for treatment, prevention, and early detection of cancer.

Breast Cancer Fund

This site accesses a database of industry sponsored clinical trials for Breast Cancer. Trials are listed according to U.S. states. Each listing provides information about center names, drug names, and the type of study. Names of international research sites conducting breast cancer clinical trials are also provided.


This popular site is managed by the oncology research center Inc. and provides numerous resources, including a drug and cancer dictionary, a section for newly diagnosed cancer patients, a free newsletter (SURVIVE), coverage of major medical meetings, and access to clinical trials searchable by cancer type and U.S. location.

A resource-rich Web site offering cancer-related information for professionals and patients. Features include coverage of over 20 cancer types, access to medical reference texts, live and archived webcasts, continuing education accreditation, multimedia clips, a dose calculator for physicians, online medical journals, a clinical trials search engine, practice guidelines, and disease-specific moderated message boards. Free registration is required to access portions of the Web site.

CancerHelp UK

A free information service sponsored by Cancer Research UK that provides information on cancer treatments and research along with a search engine that allows users to search clinical trials by type of cancer, trial name, or drug.

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups

TrialCheck is a search tool developed by the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups to assist patients in finding cancer clinical trials. After answering nine simple questions, patients receive a list of cancer trials for which they may be eligible. TrialCheck allows patients to search for cancer clinical trials according to location so that they can find trials close to home. Patients may be updated via email whenever a new cancer clinical trial has been added to their search results.

Focusing on cancer trials, the site compares patient profile questionnaires to a list of recruitment trials to find a successful match. All profiles are confidential.

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

On this well-designed and easy to navigate Web site, visitors will find a link to the EORTC protocols database, which contains EORTC protocols (classified according to the name of the group undertaking the protocol) as well as protocols from other organizations. The database may be searched by protocol number, group, tumor site, treatment, or drug.

National Cancer Institute

This search site, run by the NIH, allows users to find trials by stage/subtype of cancer and type of trial (e.g., prevention, diagnostic, or genetic). It also takes travel into consideration, allowing a distance search by zip code and the option to choose trials from 20 to 500 miles away.

OncoLink/EmergingMed Cancer Clinical Trials Matching Service

EmergingMed's free Cancer Clinical Trial Matching & Referral Service is made available to OncoLink visitors through a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center and Patients fill out a simple questionnaire and the Trial Matching & Referral Service provides them with matching information about trials taking place at the University of Pennsylvania.


This is not a clinical trials database, but by giving the company name and drug name, visitors can easily find company Web sites to obtain additional information, including information on cancer clinical trials in progress.

Physician Data Query (PDQ)

The National Cancer Institute maintains their PDQ cancer database on this site. This comprehensive resource contains peer-reviewed summaries (updated monthly by six editorial boards) on cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, supportive care, and complementary and alternative medicine. It also features a registry of approximately 2,000 open and 13,000 closed cancer clinical trials from around the world and directories of physicians and other professionals who provide genetics services and cancer care.

Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG)

RTOG is a cancer cooperative research group that focuses on radiation therapy. All of the RTOG trials are in the NCI's PDQ database; however, what sets RTOG's offering apart is that they make the entire protocol document for every RTOG trial free to everyone. The protocol document is the complete technical plan for the trial, and includes all the treatment details, a history of the treatment, and references to medical literature. offers visitors a database of industry sponsored cancer trials. A simple three-step process will identify available trials and their locations. The site also offers general information about different types of cancer and cancer management, and has a section on cancer news as well as a provider directory.

Giving Flite

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to giving clinical research patients the ability to participate in far-off trials via philanthropic flights.

Trials Central

Trials Central provides easy, free, and confidential access to listings of clinical trials. Users can search by condition (e.g., cancer diabetes, or HIV) and by type of organization (e.g., hospital, nonprofit, or government). There are also links to other health care information Web sites, including medical dictionaries and published articles.

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