Making Every Connection Count- IQVIA Connected Devices powers clinical trials with better data



Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 11am EDT Get treatments to patients faster and deliver a better experience for both patients and clinical trial sites. Join IQVIA leaders Jeff Noll and Sara Pawley and learn how IQVIA matches the right connected device for each study protocol to enhance data quality, speed data collection, and accelerate trial outcomes.

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Event Overview:

As clinical trial sponsors face increasing pressure to deliver new treatments to market faster, connected digital medical devices are taking on a larger and more critical role.

In this webinar, Connected Devices leaders Jeff Noll and Sara Pawley from IQVIA will discuss how to simplify and accelerate data collection for your clinical trials with expert medical device selection and a smart data strategy.

In addition to showing you how to gain a digital advantage, this webinar highlights the importance of (and the challenges behind) choosing the right device for your study protocols. You’ll also learn how those choices, and the connections they enable, are key to making participation for patients easier and the resulting data more trustworthy and timely. Join us for this important webinar and explore the advantages of using an advanced data platform to aggregate and clean patient data to accelerate insights. Discover the role expert guidance and support can play in reducing the logistical burdens of adopting a digital-first approach to patient data collection.

3 Key Take-aways:

  • IQVIA Connected Devices-
  1. Better devices—for your study protocol and endpoint strategy
  2. Better data—streamlined collection and compliant reporting
  3. Better solutions—flexible service and support options to match your needs and priorities

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Jeffrey Noll
Global Head, Connected Devices

Sara Pawley
Connected Devices Strategic Solutions



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