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Next Generation eTMF System Overtakes Existing Competitor?s Offerings: Innovative Cube Technology Transforms Regulatory and Data Management Organizations to Provide a Competitive Edge.

PharmaVigilant, an e-clinical provider, announces the release of the newest, most innovative product to hit the clinical software industry since the inception of eTMF: I-Vault3. I-Vault3 features new Cube technology, a powerful, multidimensional solution that allows for every document, image, and video from your organization to be digitally stored in I-Vault3 with the highest security, access and control in the industry. I-Vault3 has embedded viewers to stream videos, delivering new levels of innovation, performance and efficacy to our eTMF solution.

I-Vault3 is no longer just an eTMF, because that implies a system that only stores clinical documents, images and other digital content required for regulatory compliance. I-Vault3 is a transformed system that now has the ability to import and digitally store everything within your clinical organization; pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, data management, and R&D - regardless of its content, in hi-tech Cubes.

I-Vault3 Cubes are integrated into the I-Vault3 system, and act as repositories that allow for the efficient collection and dissemination of your important disparate documents with a simple drag and drop system, that creates both an audit trail, and an automatic backup, while maintaining the highest levels of security.. You can import and organize your documents into one or multiple Cubes, and pick and choose the pertinent documents from a Cube to drag and drop into your structured architecture or eTMF. This function has the ability to completely eliminate manual uploading and scanning process in the system, and it has the flexibility to be used in conjunction with that feature functionality, depending on your organizations needs.

The innovative drag and drop capability from the Cube(s) into your eTMF structure is also expanded functionality across the entire system. Finally, I-Vault3 does what no other eTMF system in the industry can do: it can store and stream videos in 12 movie formats, 9 audio formats, 11 still-image formats, 4 animation formats, and over 10 additional formats, all from its new embedded video players and Dicom viewers. Sites no longer have to find CDs with video data, or turn to alternative video streaming sources, for video viewing needs, and all this can be done within I-Vault3’s secure web interface.

“The release of I-Vault3 is truly transformational. The industry is increasing data rich and technology poor. Current technologies confine users to workflows that are foreign, creating burdensome training, or worse, lack of use. I-Vault will enable organizations the flexibility to use or introduce standards at their own pace, while having their data assets organized, accessible and controlled at all times, at a cost the industry can afford” said James DeSanti, President and CEO, PharmaVigilant. “I-Vault3 is no longer just an eTMF system mapping to the current TMF Reference Model standards. It’s a system of the future – one that can digitize everything in a high security environment, and is flexible enough to support the imminent TMF Reference Model 3.0, or 4.0, or any edition down the road. With the creation of revolutionary Cubes and embedded video and Dicom viewers, no one can match the technology we provide. As a result, we’re confident that I-Vault3 will become the new gold standard and provide immediate and measureable value to our future and existing customers.”

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