Phase II-III Market Dynamics


Report shines light on the current state of the Phase II/III clinical trial market and its anticipated direction into 2020.

We can’t read the future, but we can certainly help you make smart decisions heading into it. Industry Standard Research (ISR) has come out with a new report that shines a light on both the current state of the Phase II/III clinical trial market as well as its anticipated direction into 2020. “Phase II/III Study Trends and Market Outlook (2016-2020)” contains analysis of emerging trends, Phase II/III spend, and outsourcing behaviors that are expected to shape this realm in the coming years. Both sponsors and service providers will gain information they can utilize to situate themselves effectively for the expected twists and turns in a future market.     One important take-away from this report concerns the increasing relevance of the developing world in the Phase II/III sphere. Decision-makers foresee a notable shift of Phase II/III studies from developed markets into emerging market regions in the coming years.  

Increases are also anticipated for emerging market patient recruitment, of which further analysis can be found in the report. These findings indicate that the future of the Phase II/III market will likely be marked by a change in regional demographics and terrains. The expected trend will call for a strong understanding of clinical spaces across global territories, and an increased cultural competence moving forward in Phase II/III endeavors. Altogether, the findings in this report paint a robust picture of foreseen market behavior for industry decision-makers.    “Phase II/III Study Trends and Market Outlook (2016-2020)” provides in-depth accounts from 112 high-level pharmaceutical and biotech decision-makers responsible for Phase II/III drug development activities within their companies.  For sponsors, use this report to know what your industry peers expect for their business direction and study investments, and understand how your company’s strategy compares to that of your competition. For service providers, the report will inform you of the capabilities and services expected to be sought in a future Phase II/III market. Move forward knowing where to bolster your capacity.    So stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions for your business’s future. More information on ISR’s “Phase II/III Study Trends and Market Outlook (2016-2020)” can be found at:

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