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In clinical research, it?s essential to know where you're going.

In clinical research, it’s essential to know where you’re going. It’s equally as important to know where you are, as well as where you’ve been. Knowing all of these factors gives research organizations the necessary insights they need to evolve into an even more successful business. The problem is, knowing all of this information is hard. There aren’t any all-knowing programs to provide this information, but you can come close when you use a CTMS.

Before the Trial

Selecting the right trials for your organization is critical to its ongoing success; however, sometimes selecting the right studies can be more difficult than expected. To truly know you are making the right decisions, it is important to have data at your fingertips to help make decisions easier.

A great CTMS will help research organizations do just that, with the analytics that it stores, essentially telling you whether or not you can expect success when conducting a particular study before you take it on.

During the feasibility process, a CTMS can tell you if you have a sufficient number of qualified candidates in your patient database, how you have performed financially on previous studies, if you have the right equipment and much more. These helpful analytics allow your organization to know if you’ll be successful with a study before you start, saving your organization both time and money.

During the Trial

Once you’ve selected to become part of a study, there are a lot of things you need to track to keep the study running smoothly. A CTMS can provide your organization real-time reports regarding the progress of your recruitment goals, completed visits, budgetary performance and much more. A CTMS can also alert you if things start to fall behind, allowing you to quickly start on any corrective actions. These tools allow you the ability to keep your trials moving in a timely manner without any unnecessary costs.

After the Trial

It’s important to see how your organization benefited from your trials. CTMS reports can track overall trial success related to time and money, in addition to identifying any weaknesses related to study stages, locations, or personnel. From there, you are presented with actionable information you can use to improve your research processes. In addition, the analytics in a CTMS continue are typically stored forever, making post-trial metrics the pre-trial metrics for future trials and giving you a more complete look into your organization’s performance as you continue to conduct trials and search for the right ones to conduct in the future.

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