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Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-12-01-2011
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Find out the latest on industry organizations and what they offer as membership benefits.


Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Purpose. Its mission is to represent the pharmaceutical industry operating in the United Kingdom in a way that assures patient access to the best available medicines; creates a favorable political, economic, and regulatory environment; encourages innovative research and development; and affords fair commercial returns.

Details. Persons eligible: Full membership is open to companies in the United Kingdom who supply prescription medicines. Research affiliate membership is open to companies engaged in R&D and/or development of medicines for human use but which have no turnover in such products. General affiliates represent a range of organizations with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry operating in the United Kingdom. Annual meeting: TBD. Publications: Newsletter.

Contact. Information Services Executive, 7th floor, Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, UK, SW1E 6QT, +44 0870 890 4333, fax: +44 020 7747 1447,



American College of Clinical Pharmacology

Purpose. Provide leadership and interdisciplinary education that will enable the generation, integration, and translation of scientific knowledge to optimize research, development, and utilization of medication for the benefit of all.

Details. Persons eligible: All healthcare professionals interested in clinical pharmacology who complete a profile and submit a CV for review by a Credentials Committee. Annual meeting: September 23-25, 2012, San Diego, CA. Publications:The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (monthly) and Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development (quarterly).

Contact. Krista L. Levy, Director, Marketing & Member Services, PO Box 1637, Rockville, MD 20849, (240) 399-9070, fax: (240) 399-9071, website:


Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Purpose. The mission is "to provide global leadership to promote integrity and excellence for the clinical research profession." Founded in 1976, ACRP is the largest clinical research organization in the world with diverse membership—including coordinators, monitors, regulators, nurses, and doctors in biologics, devices, and drug development. ACRP's membership is 18,000, spanning over 70 countries and 64 chapter affiliates.

Details. Persons eligible: Membership is open to all professionals engaged in clinical research. Annual meeting: ACRP 2012 Global Conference & Exhibition, April 14-17, 2012, Houston, TX. Publications: The Monitor (peer-reviewed periodical, published seven times a year) and The Wire (biweekly eNewsletter). Certification: Since 1992, the Academy, an ACRP affiliate, has been the leading certifier of clinical research professionals with more than 25,000 professionals holding a designation from our accrediting bodies to date. Professional development: ACRP offers training programs that meet the development needs of clinical research professionals.

Contact. United States: ACRP Global Headquarters, 500 Montgomery Street, Suite 800, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 254-8100, fax: (703) 254-8101,

e-mail: office@acrpnet.orgwebsite:


American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Purpose. To advance the discipline and practice of clinical pharmacology for the benefit of patients and society. ASCPT fosters the recognition of clinical pharmacology as a discipline at the forefront of the discovery, development, regulation, and use of safe and effective medicines. The primary forums provided to facilitate scientific exchange include ASCPT's prestigious journal, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (which now publishes manuscripts developed from well-conducted, well-reported, and relevant clinical trials), ASCPT's Annual Scientific Meeting, Scientific Sections for clinical pharmacology specialties, and its website.

Details. Persons eligible: Full members are persons who have earned a doctorate degree or equivalent in any of the biomedical sciences, or persons in executive and leadership roles in related organizations. They must demonstrate a sincere interest in, and contributions to, human pharmacology and therapeutics through publications, grants, patents, governmental reports, company reports, etc. Trainee/student members are persons currently enrolled in a post-doctoral training program who have demonstrated an interest in human pharmacology and therapeutics, or persons who are pursuing a post-baccalaureate degree and who possess an interest in human pharmacology and therapeutics. Annual meeting: March 14-17, 2012, Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center, National Harbor, MD. Publications: Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (journal, 13 issues).

Contact. Sharon J. Swan, FASAE, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, 528 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 836-6981, fax: (703) 836-5223,

e-mail: info@ascpt.orgwebsite:


British Association of Research Quality Assurance

Purpose. To develop and promote quality standards in scientific research and development and to facilitate knowledge sharing and transfer through: discussion, training, seminars, conferences, publications, and partnerships. To liaise with regulatory agencies in the development and interpretation of regulations and guidance.

Details. Persons eligible: All those with an interest in the quality and integrity of scientific research and development and those working with, or interested in, good laboratory, clinical, pharmacovigilance, or manufacturing practice regulations, be they from industry, government, academia, CROs, or consultancy and wherever in the world they are based. Annual meeting: November 6-9, 2012, Manchester, UK. Publications: Various educational booklets.

Contact. David Weller, Association Manager, 3 Wherry Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1LG, UK, +44 1473 221 411, fax: +44 1473 221 412,

e-mail: info@barqa.comwebsite:


Clinical Contract Research Association

Purpose. This trade association represents the professional views and interests of all organizations that provide contract clinical development services to the pharma and biotech industries.

Details. Persons eligible: Membership is open to any independent company that offers a service of organizing and reporting clinical research in Phases I-IV.

Contact. Susan N. Dilks, Director of Operations, PO Box 1055, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4XZ, UK, +44 116 271 9727, fax: +44 116 271 3155,



Consortium of Independent Review Boards

Purpose. CIRB is a non-profit organization with a central mission to promote the integrity, high quality, and effectiveness of the independent institutional review board (IRB) process in connection with the protection of human subjects involved in clinical research. Since its establishment in 1993, CIRB has strived to promote the interests of research participants by careful, collaborative assessment of the current research environment and its changing landscape, and the development of strategies, policies, and teaching tools that position independent IRBs to successfully employ the highest ethical standards in the review of clinical research.

Details. Persons eligible: Full membership is open to IRBs who are independent of the clinical site(s) they oversee and engage in the review of clinical research in the United States and/or Canada. The IRBs must either be accredited by a recognized Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) accrediting body, or committed to seeking accreditation from a recognized HRPP accrediting body within two years from the date of admission, and demonstrate material compliance with applicable laws as set forth in CIRB's "Policy Statement on HRPP Accreditation." The IRB must also agree to support CIRB and adhere to its bylaws, policies, and code of ethics. Prospective members must complete a membership application and be approved by the CIRB Board. For additional information with regard to membership, please visit: Annual Meeting: Spring 2012 (date and location TBD).

Contact. Cami Gearheart, Chair, Consortium of Independent Review Boards, 1601 K Street, NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20006, (202) 778-9294, fax: (202) 778-9100,

e-mail: info@consortiumofirb.orgwebsite:


The Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation

Purpose. An independent nonprofit organization founded in 2003, CISCRP's mission is to educate, inform, and empower patients, the public, medical and research professionals, the media, and policymakers about what it means to be an active participant in the clinical research process. CISCRP promotes greater awareness and understanding of clinical research participation and the role that it plays in public health. In addition, CISCRP facilitates more effective collaboration among all members of the clinical research enterprise, and provides resources for the research community to better understand the study volunteer.

Details. Persons eligible: All members of the clinical research enterprise who are committed to increased education and awareness regarding clinical research participation. At this time, over 500 organizations across a broad constituency are members of the CISCRP Circle of Supporters and the number is growing rapidly. Annual Meeting: Early December 2012. Publications: Monthly electronic/print newsletter for professionals and the general public as part of an educational awareness campaign to increase understanding that those who volunteer to participate in clinical trials are genuine "medical heroes."

Contact. Diane Simmons, President and CEO, CISCRP, 56 Commercial Wharf East, Boston, MA 02110, (617) 725-2750,

e-mail: dianesimmons@ciscrp.orgwebsite:


Drug Information Association

Purpose. DIA is a neutral, global, professional, member-driven association of nearly 18,000 professionals involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and related healthcare products. Through its international educational offerings and myriad of networking opportunities, DIA provides a global forum for knowledge exchange that fosters the innovation of products, technologies, and services to improve health and well-being worldwide. Headquarters are in Horsham, PA, with offices in Basel, Switzerland; Tokyo, Japan; Mumbai, India; and Beijing, China.

Details. Persons eligible: Open to any professional in the pharmaceutical or related healthcare industries, academia, CROs/CSOs, and regulatory or related government agencies. Annual meetings: 24th Annual EuroMeeting, March 26-28, 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark; DIA 2012, June 24-28, 2012, Philadelphia, PA; the organization also holds annual meetings in Canada, Japan, India, Latin America, and China. Publications: Drug Information Journal (published six times per year), Global Forum (published six times per year), CSO Directory (published annually).

Contact. US: (215) 442-6100, fax: (215) 442-6199, e-mail: dia@diahome.orgwebsite:

Europe: +41 61 225 51 51, fax: +41 61 225 51 52, e-mail:

Japan: +81.3.5833.8444, fax: +81.3.5820.8448, e-mail:

India: +91.22.67653226, fax: +91.22.28594762, e-mail:

China: +86.10.5923.1222, fax: +86.10.5923.1288, e-mail:


European Forum for Good Clinical Practice

Purpose. EFGCP is a nonprofit organization established by and for individuals with a professional involvement in the conduct of biomedical research. Its purpose is to promote good clinical practice and encourage the practice of common, high-quality standards in all stages of biomedical research throughout Europe. The EFGCP does this by promoting contact and partnerships between the major disciplines and organizations affected by good clinical practice: pharmaceutical companies; contract research organizations; suppliers of services, systems, and equipment; academia; investigators; ethics committees; regulatory authorities; and patient organizations.

Details. Persons eligible: Anybody interested in GCP (academia, pharmaceutical industry, CROs, ethics committees, regulatory authorities, patient organizations, consultants, press, etc.). Annual meeting: EFGCP Annual Conference 2012 on Informed Consent, How Less Could be More: Effecting a Paradigm Shift so We Do Inform Participants, January 24-25, 2012, Brussels, Belgium. Publications: EFGCP News (newsletter); Meeting reports; Guidelines/Recommendations/Position Papers; Report on The Procedure for the Ethical Review of Protocols for Clinical Research Projects in Europe (Nov. 2006–updated annually); GCP Trainings.

Contact. Fanny Senez, Chief Operating Officer, EFGCP Secretariat, Square de Meeûs, rue de l'Industrie 4 - 1000 Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 732 87 83, fax: +32 2 503 31 08,

e-mail: info@efgcp.euwebsite:


The Institute of Clinical Research

Purpose. To share and promote the highest standards of clinical research. Membership in ICR offers a wide range of benefits and services: education and training, special interest groups, forums and professional conferences, together with access to an extensive range of information and publications. ICR is a not for profit organization with headquarters in Bourne End, UK.

Details. Persons eligible: Anyone engaged in clinical research as well as those who support the industry. Annual meeting: 33rd Institute of Clinical Research Annual Conference: Clinical Research sans Frontieres, May 14-15, 2012, Grand Connaught Rooms, London. Publications: Clinical Research Focus (CRfocus: journal) and a range of clinical research booklets and practical guides.

Contact: Chief Executive's Office, The Institute of Clinical Research, Institute House, Boston Drive, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire SL8 5YS, UK, +44 (0) 1628 536 960, fax: +44 (0) 1628 530 641,

e-mail: conferences@icr-global.orgwebsite:


International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians

Purpose. IFAPP is a nonprofit Federation of National Associations of pharmaceutical professionals working in the discovery, development, and marketing of medical products. IFAPP now represents 31 national associations established in five continents, and is the voice of about 6,500 pharmaceutical professionals. IFAPP's purpose is to enhance the relationship of pharmaceutical physicians within the medical community, assist its members in maintaining and enhancing their skills and knowledge, and provide a forum for the exchange of information of interest and relevance to pharmaceutical medicine professionals. IFAPP has also established two important activities: The Council for Education in Pharmaceutical Medicine and the Code of Ethics for Pharmaceutical Professionals.

Details. Persons eligible: National Associations of Pharmaceutical Medicine members only. Annual meeting: ICPM 2012, November 14–16, 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

Contact. IFAPP Secretariat, Kuipersweg 2T, 3449 JA WOERDEN, The Netherlands, +31 (0) 348 489 305, fax: +31 (0) 348 489 301,

e-mail: secretariat@ifapp.orgwebsite:


International Society for Clinical Biostatistics

Purpose. To stimulate research on biostatistical principles and methodology used in clinical research; to increase the relevance of statistical theory to clinical medicine; to promote high and harmonized standards of statistical practice; to work with other societies and organizations in the advancement of biostatistics; to promote better understanding of the use and interpretation of biostatistics by the general public, and by national and international organizations and agencies within the public and commercial sectors with an interest in and/or responsibilities for public health; and to provide a common forum for clinicians and statisticians through meetings, seminars, and publications.

Details. Persons eligible: All interested individuals who share the aims of the society. Annual meeting: August 19-23, 2012, Bergen, Norway. Publication:ISCB News.

Contact. ISCB Permanent Office, Symbion Science Park, Fruebjergvej 3 (Box 67), DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 2682 7970, fax: +45 7022 1571,

e-mail: Office@ISCB.infowebsite:


Pan-Asian Clinical Research Association

Purpose. PACRA is a non-profit organization headquartered in Singapore and with a focus on Asia (from Japan through the Middle East). The primary goal of PACRA is to promote high quality clinical research across Asia through the education/training of its members. In addition, the PACRA Portal–Registries aim to provide a focal point throughout Asia for clinical research professionals through the provision of current information, news, topical articles, and special features. PACRA has established a network of regional directors in a growing number of Asian countries as well as an ambassador network across the other continents.

Details. Persons eligible: Membership is available to all professionals engaged in clinical research, whether they are employed in sponsor companies, CRO's, institutions, ethics committees, regulatory authorities, or other allied/associated organizations. Publications: A quarterly online Silk-Route journal is due for re-launch in the first quarter of 2012 Annual meeting: Members are notified.

Contact. PACRA headquarters, 24 Raffles Place #20-04 Clifford Center, Singapore 048621, +65 96358020,

e-mail: enquiry@pacra.orgwebsite:


Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research

Purpose. PRIM&R is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the highest ethical standards in the conduct of research. Since 1974, PRIM&R has served the full array of individuals and organizations involved in biomedical, social science, behavioral and educational research. Via a wide variety of conferences, regional programs, onsite courses, and webinars, PRIM&R provides balanced, well researched, and accurate information on the range of ethical and regulatory issues affecting research, while also offering unparalleled access to certification, networking, and professional development resources.

Details. Annual meeting: 2012 Advancing Ethical Research Conference, December 4-6, 2012, San Diego, CA, Pre-conference programs: December 3, 2012.

Contact. (617) 423-4112, fax: (617) 423-1185,

e-mail: info@primr.orgwebsite:


Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Purpose. To provide a forum for regular discussion of statistics and matters relating to the practice of statistics in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as promoting good statistical practice within the industry. Members are statisticians and statistical programmers working in all areas of the drug development process, including research, preclinical, clinical, production, quality control, marketing, and market research, as well as academic statisticians, consultants, and others interested in the application of statistics within the industry.

Details. Persons eligible: Ordinary membership: Must hold a degree in statistics or a related discipline, or Royal Statistical Society (RSS), or the Institute of Statisticians, final examinations, or CStat. Anyone employed in the pharmaceutical industry, or providing a statistical programming service to the industry and has worked or is working as a statistician or statistical programmer within the pharmaceutical industry. Associate membership: An ordinary membership but without a degree in statistics or related discipline. Other available memberships: Academic, Retired, Teacher, Affiliate, Student. Annual meeting: May 31-16, 2012, West Midlands, England. Publications: SPIN (PSI newsletter, quarterly); Pharmaceutical Statistics (journal); Careers for Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry; Career Opportunities for School Leavers.

Contact. PSI Secretariat, Durford Mill, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 5AZ, UK, +44 (0) 845 1800 349, fax: +44 (0) 870 442 9940,

e-mail: admin@psiweb.orgwebsite:


Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society

Purpose. RAPS is an international membership organization of regulatory professionals in the rapidly growing medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors. As regulatory professionals, RAPS members perform vital work in all areas of the healthcare product lifecycle, ensuring these products are safe and effective, while driving organizational strategy and sound decision-making. RAPS supports these individuals and the regulatory profession as a whole by providing education and training, certification, professional standards, research, knowledge-sharing, publications, networking and career development opportunities, and other valuable resources. RAPS is committed to helping its members continually develop the knowledge and skills they need to excel.

Details. Persons eligible: Regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector are eligible for membership. Annual meetings: 2012 RAPS The Regulatory Convergence, October 26-30, Seattle, WA. Publications: Regulatory Focus (monthly), Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs, and various educational materials.

Contact. 5635 Fishers Lane, Suite 550, Rockville, MD 20852, (301) 770-2920, fax: (301) 770-2924,

e-mail: raps@raps.orgwebsite:


Society for Clinical Data Management

Purpose. SCDM is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical data management through professional development, education, and certification. Established in 1994, SCDM has more than 2,600 members with an interest in advancing data management practices.

Details. Eligibility: SCDM membership is offered to professionals in the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries; supporting industries/organizations; and regulatory agencies. Membership is primarily North American, with a growing international contingent. Annual conference: September 22-25, 2012. Publications: Data Basics (quarterly peer-reviewed digital journal); Data Connections (monthly eNewsletter); Good Clinical Data Management Practices (best practices resource). Certification: The Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM) program assesses mastery of CDM competencies. Applicants must meet minimum requirements of education and experience to qualify for the exam. Education: SCDM offers webinars, online courses, and other educational programs throughout the year to prepare clinical data managers for the CCDM exam and support their ongoing professional development needs.

Contact. 300 Avenue de Tervueren B-1150 Brussels, Belgium, +32-2-740-22-37, fax: +32-2-743-15-50,

e-mail: info@scdm.orgwebsite:


Society for Clinical Trials, Inc.

Purpose. The Society for Clinical Trials, created in 1978, is an international professional organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge about the design, conduct, and analysis of government- and industry-sponsored clinical trials and related healthcare research methodologies.

Details. Persons eligible: Individuals involved with clinical trials research. Annual meeting: May 20-23, 2012, Miami, FL. Publications: Clinical Trials Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials; semi-annual newsletter.

Contact. Elizabeth Franks, 100 North 20th Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103, (215) 564-3484, fax: (215) 564-2175,

e-mail: sct@fernley.comwebsite:


Society of Clinical Research Associates

Purpose. As an international nonprofit and charitable membership organization, SoCRA encourages all clinical researchers—including research professionals working at investigational sites and in academia, industry, and government—to improve and develop their capabilities in areas beneficial to the medical and research community and the community at large; to assure the protection of research subjects; and to improve global health. SoCRA offers opportunities for peer to peer recognition, regulatory understanding, and information exchange; offers training programs and continuing education programs for persons involved in or interested in clinical research. Programs include a regularly scheduled annual conference and other courses, workshops, and seminars related to clinical science, clinical trials, research management/planning/budgeting and oversight, and applicable regulations and international guidelines; offers CNE (continuing nurse education) and CME (physician category 1 continuing medical education); nurtures regional educational activities through an established network of chapters; and supports an internationally recognized certification program (certified clinical research professional, CCRP) for all professionals involved in clinical research. SoCRA is an approved provider of continuing nurse education by the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation, and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Details. Persons eligible: All persons Interested in clinical research. Annual meeting: September 20-23, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada. Publications: The SoCRA SOURCE (quarterly journal).

Contact. SoCRA Office, 530 West Butler Avenue, Suite 109, Chalfont, PA 18914, (800) 762-7292 or (215) 822-8644, fax: (215) 822-8633,

e-mail: SoCRAmail@aol.comwebsite:


Society for Applied Pharmacological Sciences (Società di Scienze Farmacologiche Applicate)

Purpose. Founded in Milan, Italy, in 1964, SSFA is associated with IFAPP. Its purpose is to promote the growth of scientific and pharmacological culture; support the scientific activity of its members; express the official position of its members on scientific, technical, and ethical issues; keep contact with other scientific associations, both in Italy and abroad, and with the health authorities; and promote high-quality education and training.

Details. Persons eligible: Eligible persons are those working in the field of pharmaceutical research and interested in the objectives of the association. In order to be elected, each person has to be introduced by two official members. Publications: Newsletter and the journals SSFA Oggi and Cronache Farmaceutiche.

Contact. SSFA Headquarters, Viale Abruzzi 32, 20131 Milano, Italy, +39 02 29536444, fax: +39 02 890 58506,

e-mail: ssfaseg@tin.itwebsite:


The Organization for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs

Purpose. To provide its international membership with the highest quality education, information, and career development services to ensure that the value and strategic contribution of regulatory affairs is universally recognized.

Details. Persons eligible: Those with an interest and who participate in regulatory affairs may join TOPRA. Through a self-certification process some members may become registered members (MTOPRA). Those with 10 years experience and significant contributions to regulatory affairs are eligible to become fellows (FTOPRA). Annual meeting: October 1-3, 2012, Dublin, Ireland. Publications: Regulatory Rapporteur (monthly international journal), In Touch (monthly newsletter).

Contact. Erik Smit, Membership Development and Communications Manager, Bellerive House, 3 Muirfield Crescent, London E14 9SZ, UK, +44 (0) 20 7510 2560, fax: +44 (0) 20 7537 2003,

e-mail: info@topra.orgwebsite:

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