Quintiles 2012 New Health Report


Applied Clinical Trials

Quintiles held a webinar a few weeks ago titled “The New Health Report 2012: Rethinking the Risk Equation in Biopharmaceutical Medicine," reviewing its recently released 2012 New Health Report. Overall, the report showed companies need to better analyze and communicate risk with stakeholders. In regards to clinical trials, the survey also showed that payers would like to be more involved across the drug development cycle.

Now, for instance, only about one quarter (or less) of UK payers are involved in preclinical and Phase I testing. However, as testing gets farther along, payer involvement increases.

Fifty two percent of UK payers are involved in Phase III testing, increasing to 59% for post-marketing surveillance. Perhaps payers will become more involved in the future across the board, as 43% have indicated they would like to be involved in preclinical testing (currently only 18% are involved).

Up to 75% of executives and payers, as well as 61% of investors believe that pre-competitive alliances could help increase new drug innovation. Nonetheless, currently only 37% of executives indicated their company participates in such an alliance. And although there is a belief that pre-competitive alliances could help increase drug innovation, the survey also concludes that biopharma executives believe alliances would increase the time it takes to bring a new drug to market.

For a more detailed look at the report, click here.

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