Re-capping the Webcast: The Why and How of Social Media for Clinical Trials Professionals


Applied Clinical Trials

Thanks to everyone who was a part of our first Editor’s Series Webcast on the Why and How of Social Media for Clinical Trials Professionals. If you weren’t able to catch the presentation live, you can always watch it on-demand and download the slides here.

Both in the Q&A session of the webcast, and the survey responses at the end, there were several questions about using social media for patient recruitment and research. This is still a grey area, and formal guidance is still evolving. We advise those who asked to refer to their company protocol when it comes to these topics, as we will not be addressing them.

However, if you’re interested in exploring the topic further, you can always read this follow-up blog from Rahlyn Gossen, one of our presenters. She includes some great resources for people with lingering questions on patient recruitment.

Since we didn’t have time to get to everyone’s questions at the end of the webcast, and we know that those who watched it on-demand didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions, we’re going to be hosting a Twitter chat on May 7th. All of the presenters from the webcast will be available to answer any new or lingering questions that you might have.

What exactly is a Twitter chat? In the simplest terms, a Twitter chat is a live event that takes place on Twitter, where users will be able to tweet their questions to the presenters using the #ACTsocial hashtag, and the presenters will be able to respond directly, in real-time.

While we’ve decided on May 7th as the date for hosting the chat, we are asking for your feedback on the best time of day. Please fill out this very short, two question survey letting us know which of the timeslots works best for you (keep in mind that the times provided are Eastern Daylight Time).

You’ll need to have a Twitter account in order to participate, so make sure you set one up before the event. Once you get your account set up, please follow the presenters:

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the #ACTsocial hashtag.

We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to chat with you further about social media!

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