Reify Health Announces Diversity Reporting


Reify Health, a provider of cloud-based solutions, announced the availability of StudyTeam Diversity Reporting, a feature that helps sites and sponsors understand whether or not they are effectively engaging patients from traditionally underrepresented minority communities. The report—offered through Reify Health’s StudyTeam platform—provides a window into the demographics of participants as a study enrolls, guiding sponsors on where and how to take action to improve patient diversity in their clinical trials.

StudyTeam Diversity Reporting aims to allow organizations to understand where current clinical trial enrollment strategies are failing to guide actions, both at the level of an individual trial and across the entire industry. For example, StudyTeam can help answer critical questions, such as whether enough minority patients are being identified as candidates; whether sites are able to connect with and pre-screen candidates equally across minority groups; whether certain minority groups experience a higher rate of attrition when moving through enrollment; and where to invest more recruitment resources.

Reify Health Announces Diversity Reporting

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