Selection of Phase I Service Providers


Applied Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical TrialsApplied Clinical Trials-09-01-2012
Volume 21
Issue 9

Tufts CSDD

What are the most important factors in selecting a Phase I service provider?

That depends how we look at the data from ISR's latest report, "2012 CRO Quality Benchmarking—Phase I Service Providers." Of the 61 executives responsible for Phase I study conduct and outsourcing, more selected "prior positive experience with a service provider" than any other attribute as the single most important driver of selection. However, when asked to indicate their top five drivers of selection, more respondents chose "access to patient populations" among their top five than any other attribute.

Attributes that fuel service provider selection.

This is notable considering the other 20 attributes respondents had to choose from are historically critical skills such as therapeutic expertise, project management, timelines management, and even the experience of the Phase I unit's lead investigator.

For now, historical relationships will continue to get a Phase I provider invited to bid.

Going forward, the ability to demonstrate patient—not just healthy volunteer—recruitment capabilities will make the difference between a win and a loss.

—Industry Standard Research,

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