Start Your Search Right: Know the Decisions You'll Need to Make When You Search for a CTMS


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Finding the right CTMS is a long, difficult process.

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Finding the right CTMS is a long, difficult process. This process can be more difficult if you go into it without knowing some major decisions you will have to make. Below are 6 questions you should have answered before you dive deep into your CTMS search:


Are you committed to finding the right CTMS?

If you say yes, congratulations and move to question two.


Who or what department will have the final say?

Know who needs to be convinced before you start your CTMS search; this way, the right people are included on all important meetings. This will eliminate confusion and frustration while also streamlining your decision making process.


What level of customization do you think you need?

Are you looking for a system that is 100% custom to your organization type or 100% out of the box? Likely the answer is somewhere in between. Finding out where your organization falls on this spectrum will help you find the right CTMS provider much more quickly.


Who will help you make your decision?

Do you feel you need a consultant to help you find the right system? If not, are your internal IT and research resources enough to get you what you want? Knowing who will help you make your decisions early on will save a lot of headaches later on.


What functions do you want your CTMS to serve?

Are you looking for a system that only does certain things? You may also want to consider a system that contains an array of features you can utilize as your organization continues to grow and evolve over time. This way, you are already prepared with the necessary functionality to handle any challenge that comes your way.


What is your desired timeline?

The key word in this question is "desired". So many factors contribute to your timeline, but knowing where you would ideally like to be will allow you to set milestones for your CTMS project to ensure everything is more likely to stay on track.


There are many questions that will need answering when you are looking for your ideal CTMS, but by answering these six, you will be able to start off on the right foot and you will be more likely to find what exactly works for you!

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