TrialJectory and PRA Health Sciences Assist Cancer Patients in Monitoring of COVID-19 Symptoms


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TrialJectory, an AI-powered technology platform that matches cancer patients with personalized advanced treatment options, announced the availability of PRA Health Sciences' Health Harmony COVID-19 Monitoring Program for its global community of oncology patients. Access to this free program through the Health Harmony mobile app allows patients to monitor and report COVID-related symptoms from the comfort of their own homes to their healthcare providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on cancer patients' daily lives. Aside from being one of the highest-risk populations due to patients' already compromised immune systems, cancer patients are also experiencing overburdened healthcare systems, resulting in the delay or cancellation of oncology treatment plans and required testing. As the U.S. begins a phased reopening, cancer patients must be even more vigilant about monitoring and preventing exposure to the virus.

Since March, thousands of users have downloaded the Health Harmony app and enrolled in the COVID-19 Monitoring Program through their employer, providers and healthcare networks. As part of the program, users can track their own COVID-19 symptoms and educate themselves about the disease. The COVID-19 Monitoring Program offers three levels of support to TrialJectory members, based on their personal situation:

  • The educational program, which provides vital sign tracking, prevention techniques and mental health support for those who are asymptomatic.

  • The quarantine program, which delivers insights on what to watch for, addresses feelings of fear and isolation, and connects with a healthcare professional for those who have been exposed to COVID-19.

  • The in-depth monitoring program, which addresses symptom management, frequent monitoring by a healthcare professional and care coordination for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and who are still at home.

Access to symptom monitoring and trained healthcare workers who are available to answer COVID questions will be critical during this time when disease transmission is still high, and a vaccine is not yet available. TrialJectory's partnership with PRA further highlights both companies' ongoing commitment to empowering cancer patients to take ownership of their personal healthcare journey.

"The Health Harmony COVID-19 program and its ability to track patient symptoms is a real-life example of how telehealth and mobile monitoring are quickly becoming the new standard of care in today's pandemic environment," said Kent Thoelke, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, PRA Health Sciences. "The collaboration between our team at Care Innovations and TrialJectory brings that same technology directly into the hands of cancer patients across the U.S. and delivers greater healthcare access to people who need it the most."

"Since the outbreak, we have seen a significant increase in patient conversations within our community about how to prevent patients from contracting and spreading COVID-19," added Tzvia Bader, CEO and co-founder, TrialJectory. "It's vital-and even lifesaving-that cancer patients learn as much as they can about the virus, understand prevention techniques and quickly get their questions answered by qualified healthcare professionals who are dedicated specifically to this effort. Giving this tool to cancer patients brings us one step closer to making this a reality, allowing patients to remain fully informed, healthy and safe until the pandemic passes for good."

Cancer patients and their families need to remain vigilant when monitoring for the symptoms of COVID-19. With this disease continuing to spread at a high-rate of speed in the United States, the Health Harmony mobile app offers real-time access to biometric monitoring, educational materials and trained healthcare professionals – right at the patients' fingertips.

"Monitoring for Coronavirus symptoms using the app has given me back a sense of control that was completely lost as someone living with the risk of cancer recurrence during this pandemic," said Alin Wagner-Lahmy, a breast cancer survivor and mother of two. "Having one source of information that I can count on to be the most accurate, a way to track my health from day to day, and the ability to speak directly to a real person, has really helped to calm my anxiety."

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