Using Open Source in Clinical Research Solutions



Webinar Date/Time: Thursday, October 5th, 2023 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST

Register for our latest webinar and discover opportunities utilizing open-source languages with IQVIA Data Flow Ecosystem that provide new patient touchpoints for accelerated trial development.

If you’re considering a more flexible and complimentary approach to SAS using open-source solutions IQVIA’s latest webinar can help you provide a new innovative framework to open up your trial development across programming and biostatistics.

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Event overview

In an industry dominated by a traditional foundation centered around the SAS programming language and supporting platform offerings, IQVIA is investigating new opportunities to utilize open-source language offerings such as the R programming language.

Opportunities across the spectrum are being considered ranging from the flexibility allowed by open-source solutions, language agnostic tools, complimentary/supplementary solutions to SAS and application development using R Shiny frameworks.

Three key take-aways

  • Outlining how IQVIA’s Data Flow Ecosystem provides new patient/client touchpoint solutions for programming across trials.
  • Assessment of the R language as a supplement or complement to the SAS language opens up opportunities for improved validation independence, better situational solutions and resourcing flexibility.
  • Application development using R and the R Shiny framework provides opportunities for targeted grassroots innovation with minimal IT support cost leading to larger scale ecosystem innovation.


Jim Beck
Director Statistical Programming

Jim has had a 21-year tenure with Quintiles / IQVIA Data Management, Biostatistics and IT organizations. He is currently Director of Data Flow & Standards team within the Biostatistics Innovation Group Implementation and governance of processes related to the flow of metadata and data as it moves from initial consumption through the Biostatistics workflow. He has experience spanning multiple TAs, including Psychiatry, Neurology, Respiratory. Jim also works with the implementation of standards and standardization for IQVIA and Sponsor Biostatistical libraries and processes including specifications, programming code & macros, submission packages, define.xml, etc.

Strategy team represents CDISC (SDTM, ADaM) Subject Matter Experts and Biostatistics (TLF, Define.XML, aCRF, SDRG, etc.) Subject Matter Experts partnering with sponsors and industry to establish new ways of working.

Ian Sanderson
Associate Director, Innovation Lead Biostatistics

Ian has over 12 years of clinical trial industry experience spanning a range of therapeutic areas including; Alzheimer's, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Chronic Pain, Oncology, Crohn's Disease and Diabetes. He joined IQVIA in Jun 2017 as a Programming Team Lead (PTL) for multiple studies before moving into an oversight role. During his time at IQVIA Ian's personal development has focused on supporting and developing innovation through Macros and Programming Processes group (MaPPs) and Bios Innovation Team. More recently he has move from direct study work into innovation full time and is currently the innovation lead for both Execution Manager and Risk-Based Validation (as well as supporting other innovation streams).

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