Verdacom Launches VerdaCore, a New Web-Based Integrated Platform


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introduces its first product, VerdaCore, a new subject randomization and drug supply management system built to service pharmaceutical and biotechnology clinical trials.

VerdaCore is built as a compliant, scalable and flexible platform for collecting and presenting clinical trial data.

"VerdaCore utilizes cloud computing and the power of agile software development to meet the fluid and time critical requirements of today’s increasingly complex clinical trials," said Daniel Scanlon, President of Verdacom. "VerdaCore is built for delivering secure, complex software solutions while meeting the compliance requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.”

VerdaCore is equipped with a number of features to service clinical trials of any size and complexity. Centralized subject randomization and drug supply inventory control provide the core components of the system. Role-based security controls the level of access to data, transactions and application tools. A centralized study contacts component maintains contact information online and is accessible by study team members, investigational sites and all vendors involved with the clinical trial. A shared calendar component details subject and inventory transactions in various calendar views and provides a way to view the progress of the trial. VerdaCore relies on graphical dashboards as a rich front-end for users, and dashboards show the most meaningful information for the trial.

VerdaCore is customized for each clinical trial using an internal end-to-end project quality management system, VerdaTrak. “VerdaTrak's primary focus is internal automated process management and tracking,” said Scanlon.

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