Where Do We Get Our Great Content?


Applied Clinical Trials

From people just like you. Over 1,000 authors have penned articles in Applied Clinical Trials and appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com – and that’s only since 2004 when we started keeping track of everything in our content management system. Applied Clinical Trials has been around since 1999, so that’s a lot of authors. And each of these authors has experience with clinical trials and shared their expertise.

Do you have an idea for an article or a blog? We recently upgraded our Author Guidelines to be a little more, well, author-friendly. They will give you the information you need to know about writing articles for the magazine, as well as the online process.

Take a look and then give it a think. Sometimes the best way to think about your job is to consider how you would explain it to someone that doesn’t know your job at all. Or just start writing about a project you’re involved with right now, and you will realize how much you know and you could share.

After you get your idea, give me a call at 732-346-3080 or email at [email protected]. We can talk about your idea, and get even more industry insight and information for our readers.

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