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Clinical Trial Feasibility

February 16, 2012

Sponsors Show a Preference for Large CROs

October 01, 2011

Industry Standard Research has recently published new research titled "Post-marketing Safety Market Dynamics," which deeply dives into the growth and decline of study conduct and outsourcing in the post-marketing safety arena.

A CRO's Project Manager is Often the Key to Successful Business Procurement

September 01, 2010

ISR's research consistently finds that a CRO's Project Manager often makes the difference between winning and losing a project for the service provider. Not only the number of years experience, or the number of similar projects managed, but also the communication skills and style demonstrated throughout the bidding process.

CROs Improve Service Delivery

May 01, 2010

ISR Reports' data show the CRO industry is improving service delivery, albeit with room for improvement. Not long ago- perhaps as recent as 2005-this chart would have been reversed, when more service providers were missing expectations than exceeding them.